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Smoking weed in the summer is more fun.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Schildpad420, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Is it just me or is smoking in the summer much more fun then in the winter.. You get happy because of the sunshine and you can just nicely take a toke in your backyard and enjoy the sun or make a beautiful walks or just enjoy the forest. Or just relax with some friends at the beach, or just sit outside and order a nice cold beer at a terrace. The possibilities are endless:D

    As we speak right now, I just took a popsicle after taking some tokes on my way home and right know just enjoying the sunshine in my backyard. :smoke:

    The vibes (not meaning the high, but the idea of relaxing) of smoking are just so much stronger and nicer when it's summer. :cool:
  2. Smoking on the beach is the best
  3. I totally agree! Driving at night with the windows open and smoking is THE BEST.
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  4. I perfer smoking around the winter and right now because its prefect blunt weather . Summers are too hot where im at to enjoy anything
  5. THe volume of people smoking has drastically changed since it got nice out. Now people will go out to the park or something and have like 3 seshes throughout the day instead of the trecherous single sesh during the winter.
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  6. San Diego Baby....
    Summer all year long...Well, 98% of the time.
  7. Used to hate on Summer because I lived somewhere that had pretty brutal heat, now I am in a more forgiving environment and loving the weather.
  8. It is better, but the sun beating down on me when I'm high is no fun at all. I don't know what it is.
  9. But im going to miss snow bong hits in the snow.
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    Finnish winters without weed make many want to put a hundred dollars worth of bullets through their heads. Nothing as depressing in the year. Finnish summers with weed for the instance, are what I call life. Even without weed Summer is pretty much the only time of year when I feel really, really happy and lively.
  11. Rain or Shine my pipe will always get the job done.
  12. Totally agree with this... my favorite thing to do in summer is just chill in my backyard. My place is huge and I put a lot of time into keeping it an awesome spot to chill. I've got a 15' trampoline and sometimes I get baked and just lay on it looking up at my 3 huge maple trees. I've got a garden, hammock swing (I love that thing), horseshoe pits, fire pit, Tiki bar, dirt bike, r/c toys, rubbermaid tote full of fireworks, all the weed you can smoke.... I get cheap golf balls by the hundred, me and my friends like to whack them into the woods.

    My neighbors are awesome too, a few of us have 4th of july BBQs and everybody winds up chilling together later on (whoever has the most beer left, lol)

    Best part is, I work overnights so usually I've got the whole place to myself all day (wife works days, lol).

    summertime and weed... :smoke:
  13. I definitely agree, nothing beats chillin with friends in beautiful weather
  14. aha me and my freind used to stand outside in a field in the middle of a blizzard and smoke a blunt.

    we called em blizzard blunts!
  15. Laying out on a pool float smoking and soaking up the rays.
  16. Chilling at the balcony in the evening and smoking.
  17. Summer nights are the definition of life to me , and I'm not even high , last summer was one of the best of my life . Literally lookin back on just the stupid shit I did and how I always had someone with me doing the stupid shit too. Gah I can't even explain it , I advise all of you to take a long ass t break from weed for about a month or two until summer starts , find a girl you really like and friends who you trust & are down with living it up, cause it makes for one he'll of a summer
  18. I love blazing in the summer cause of the sunny warm weather that it presents which mostly ends up of me taking long adventurous walks, sometimes I walk to McDonalds hahaha but forreal tho summer is where its at.
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    Both are nice. In summer you can sit outside, night or day, and its great weather. In winter (my favourite smoking season) if it's -26C (-14.8F) the hoots are cold, even if you take 'em off a cold pipe.

    Take everything in stride, cause when you have what you're wanting, you'll find you want what you had.
  20. [quote name='"BonghornLeghorn"']

    Take everything in stride, cause when you have what you're wanting, you'll find you want what you had.[/quote]

    Hi im Stride.

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