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Smoking weed in space?:P

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by teh345, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. now thats a worthy use of our tax dollars lol, an experiment to see what would happen if you toked up in space :p:smoking:
  2. you would have a fucking blast!!!!
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    I dunno, how would you light it with no oxyen? Or would it not suffocate you if you did it in a suit?
  5. Haha I would trip so hard. My face would be like: :eek:

  6. smoke in the airlock?
  7. no oxygen in space so you wouldn't be able to light a lighter,and if you did in a space shuttle then im pretty sure the flame would create an explosion because of the oxygen rich environment on the spaceship.
  8. yeah I suppose it might be impossible to smoke in space but edibles would work :D
  9. No, I don't think it would work there either.

    Only way I can think of is edibles. Would be pretty easy.
  10. but just imagine being high in an environment with no gravity and being able to look out the window and see space
  11. The experience of being in space is unfathomable for me. Especially if you were looking at the earth just truly disconnected from the one thing you know and the place where everything you have ever done is gone from you. That high would be enough for me.
  12. just imagine what the high would be like stoned O__o

  13. Probably an overload of paranoia and depersonalization would ensue.
  14. I don't think so, I think it would depend on the person.
  15. If you meant in a space shuttle than of course it would work, but I'd imagine the high would just be a normal high with the added bonus of a great view of Earth/Sol

  16. Thank you dr. Phil ;)
  17. Houston, we have a bong.

  18. You're absolutely welcome!
  19. I think it's obvious the OP meant if there was oxygen available, duh. If there's no oxygen to light a joint then there won't be any oxygen to keep you alive.
  20. Id smoke some space grass for sure...
    Or do they call it astroturf?

    Id probably also want to sing along to major tom while I was up there...

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