Smoking Weed in an Anti-Weed Home

Discussion in 'General' started by window kush, Mar 22, 2016.

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  1. Something I always see on these beautiful forums is...

    Blade 1: "How can you smoke without your parents smelling it"

    Blade 2: "You don't. FFS. Never smoke weed in your parents household or move out."


    Blade 1: "my mom threw away all my bud and bong what should I do"

    Blade 2: "don't smoke in your parents home you have no right. Kid"

    Shit along these lines

    My question is do y'all agree with this shit. It seems like a double standard to me potheads telling other potheads not to smoke. I would think I would see people say educate your parents by doing this, but I rarely see that. Post your opinions below I feel like this could be an interesting thread.

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  2. If they're paying for the roof over your head then you really can't say much about it. If you want to try and educate them first, go for it. But if they still won't allow it, move out

  3. We don't allow threads that discuss hiding things from parents. Underage / kids hide stuff, and this is an adult forum.
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