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Smoking weed from BHO extraction

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by superman tokes, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. :wave:Hey guys

    just had a quick question for you BHO guys out there ummmm so ive done 2 BHO extractions and I was wondering if its alright to smoke the weed i used for the extraction cuz im dry atm... ive actually been smoking it for 2 weeks now cuz i had loads so i was wondering weather anyone else has done it and if its bad for me to be smokin it or something...

    In bong ofcourse it tastes gross in J' hahaha

    thanks fellow tokers:smoke:
  2. If you did it right when you made it there's nothing left worth smoking. In any event it would taste pretty nasty.
  3. well the butane doest extract 100% of the THC there is deff still some left but i have to take about 4 cones to feel anything really...

    picking up some bud tomorow though so that should be goood
  4. I dunno, just seems akin to smoking old used cigarette butts to me :confused_2:
  5. Absolutely not...

    Its like eating a vegan pizza. Just doesn't work right.
  6. I considered this before but the bud smelled weird so I decided against it. So I decided to just make a tiny bit more oil and that was a waste too, the oil burnt really shitty on my ti nail. So yeah I think I'm just going to toss the weed when I'm done with it now.
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    Same here bro.

    I had a qp of straight nugget that I blasted BHO style and it was just sitting in this 5 gallon bucket, reaking like asshole. I wanted to smoke it when I went dry once, but tried to make more oil, it came out black and smelled and tasted exactly like the nasty old butane infested nugget did. Learned my lesson. Id way rather smoke dirty bong resin before tryin that again! Hahahaha.
  8. There should be no reason that you cant. Ive done it and especially with a vape you can get plenty out of that spent bud. Thing being people dont realize your only pulling out with the butane any THC that is already liquified in the Trichomes. Butane cannot strip all the THC out because MOST of it is actually embedded in the plant material in an Acid Form. Which is polar, Thus butane cant solve it.

    But I still have yet to understand for sure (Proper Scientific Testing Wise) if it's safe. I generally give my spent bud a good hour or so on top of light heat, On top of a toaster oven while it's cooking something or whatever. This will of course and should boil off any butane left in the bud, Which it seems to as before I do this my bud is for sure contaminated as you can smell it, And taste it when smoked, Tested that as well. After the heat cure though it tastes and smell's no different than standard mids. Essentially smokes like them to.

    Maybe ask erowids cause I cant seem to get a great answer to OP's Post.
  9. Sorry for bringing up an old thread, But this is a hard topic to find.

  10. I did the EXACT same, nasty black oil. LOL
  11. I think if you want to smoke then go for the the complete cigarette and have it.Any other things i do not recommend.
  12. old thread, sorry but again, this topic is kind of rare.

    I'm at the rare occasion where i'm sitting here looking at a big jar of spent weed and I'm out for the night, (really out)

    so i got to thinking, me being a ciggirate smoker, and consider the ingredients in my taned weed, and considered the ingredients that go into a ciggirate, sure why not.

    I feel a little buzz after smoking 2 bowls, going to try to turn the rest of this into butter tommorrow
  13. If you have kept the material after being washed in Butane, you obviously premeditated consuming the weed before hand, well..... keeping it in a jar would suggest that anyway..
  14. So you made oil? And smoked some of the buds you made oil with? I'm confused. Why do people make oil if they don't have enough buds to last them? The only reason I make it is to concentrate my product. If I'm running low, then I adjust my smoking accordingly. Smoking bho weed seems like smoking resin. How do you know that butane gases didn't get trapped in the buds? They tend to get stuck in oils so...idk.

  15. I actually keep my bud after the first run. If you put it out on a plate overnight and let it dry back out fully you can run it again and get a "decent" yield from otherwise spend weed.

    But i would advise against smoking it. When comparing first run BHO yields to second run ones, there is a significant decrease in the oil gained from the second run (Meaning smoking it is way less effective then it was originally and not fully worth it since the bud is rather thc deprived).
  16. Has anyone tried maybe iso washing they're spent BHO left overs?
  17. Yep. It's not worth it.

    Why are people making BHO if they are so stressed about every single last bit of cannabinoids....???? Grow some more buds?!?!?!?! Or stop making bho if you can't afford it.
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    I always use my vape when i smoke BHO.
  19. I smoke weed from bho runs, but only when i'm completely out. Before you do put it in a glass jar and in some boiling water, get a lid to put on it, and put a small hole for air to escape. Do that for about 5 mins to make sure theres no butane in it and then smoke it out of a bong, it makes the weed taste like it's leaf though, premature leaf. But it gets you high
  20. I keep this thread subscribed only because I laugh my ass off every time I see it

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