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Smoking weed + drinking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, May 10, 2011.

  1. I hear mixed reviews about the combination. whats it like?
  2. I was walking around a party on saturday like a boss with a bottle of jack daniels and a nice joint, fronting like a motherfucker. I was sooo social it was crazy hit on nearly every hot girl, its a good combo
  3. its awesome do it mann
  4. dont smoke before you drink. youll get hella sedated. drink and then smoke. best fucking feeling ever. you feel 10 times more high but still social as hell. its great
  5. I've only heard good things haha. Apparently weed protects your brain cells from the negative effects of alcohol, so I say go for it all the way brah.
  6. Haha same.. the problem was I hit on the guy who was hosting the party's girlfriend. Was realll akward when I found out.

    And yea drinking THEN smoking is best, but drinking by itself isn't :p
  7. This. I smoked two fat bowls before going to a party, and even after a four loko I just wanted to sit down.
  8. I never thought of doing it as it would be adding a depressant to a stimulant. I could be wrong though, just keep that in mind though.
  9. they're both depressants.
  10. Cross faded is the best youll become a social butterfly just smoke after the drink as previously stated and I would deffinatley recommend it
  11. its nice but very easy to overdo cause u will forget u drank alot already
  12. normally i say fuck alcohol, but at a party or some shit its strikeout time!!! (take a MASSIVE hit, hold it in, take a shot, drink as much of a beer as you can, exhale)
  13. oh shit i forgot i thought i was talking about 4loco. dude i am beyond toked.
  14. #14 The Chron Don, May 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    I thought a strike out was a hit ,chug a beer , take a shot
  15. i usally don't smoke when i'm drinking because once i catch a buzz from the beer/liquor or w/e i can't feel the weed at all....i don't like drinkin tho anyways been smokin 15 years strong =D
  16. It's pretty fun. Just don't overdo it your first time. I almost died the first time I did both because I was so fucked up I passed out and my head slammed against the ground about 4 inches away from a broken glass bong with jagged edges. Real fun night though!
  17. yeah don't get really drunk and smoke...just tipsy or you'll get the spins
  18. i agree with this. if u only drink 4 or 5 beers(in a fairly short amount of time) and smoke ONE bowl, u will be good to go. trust me. unless u drink all the time.
  19. Drinking+Smoking is a process. The first few times, you may feel a bit sick and probably extremely dizzy. Some people say they've thrown up, and that could have been just because they had too much alcohol. I've only just gotten really unpleasantly dizzy.

    My recommendation for you if you want to get to where you can drink a decent amount and smoke, start off slow. One night, drink maybe 2 beers then toke. Maybe the next night 3 beers. Then give it a break for a bit. Then step it up a notch, maybe downing a six pack then toking. Just listen to your body and see how you feel, but your body does adapt to it and I can personally say I'm a huge fan of drinking then smoking.
  20. It's definitely awesome except when your really really drunk it can be great at first but turn into a terrible night

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