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Smoking Weed Does Not Effect Lungs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thatglasssmoker, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. In September I ran a mile and got 704 today I ran it with no prior training really and got 545 even smoking the day of the mile and before moderately since september :surprised:

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  3. Yes it does, for some people anyway.
  4. Anything you smoke affects lungs,something my dad thought me.
  5. I smoke daily and play in a Soccer league. Doesnt affect me at all
  6. Same,play hockey,didnt changed shit
  7. Weed gives me a nasty smokers cough. It can hurt your lungs.
  8. Do you smoke blunts?
  9. Nope. Bowls.
    Weed has tar, guys. It exists. Is it as bad as tobacco? Not at all, but it exists. (It also lacks the 4000+ chemicals in baccy)
  10. If you use a vape or use edibles your lungs won't be effected.
  11. No question any smoke affects lungs negatively.

    Same with breathing in Los Angeles or Mexico City.

    Lung, just like many of our organs, does have a self defense mechanism.
    And weed smoke, as opposed to cigarette smoke, does not interfere with it.
    That's why a daily stoner will cough up more phlegm than daily cigarette smokers.
    As matter of fact, most if not all cigarettes contain chemicals that calm the lung to prevent you from hacking up stuff.

    We're just naturally accustomed to thinking coughing up shit = worse thing ever, when in reality, it'd probably the best thing you can do as a smoker.

    I am however confused on why ice usage in bongs was brought up...
    Is ice usage bad for the lung?

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  12. smoking anything will affect your lungs.
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    What's that?

    Denial you say?

    No kidding........

    Larry the cable guy: "In other news......smoking is not good for lungs. We have a rocket scientist here to confirm that......."

    Rocket scientist: "thanks Larry."

  14. Lungs are questionable.
    It undeniably affects my throat and that is a fact
  15. If you say weed it doesn't have a negative effect on your lungs, I might agree when it comes to short term, but asbestos doesn't affect the lungs in the short term either.  It has an "incubation period," that is, it takes a while to do its damage.
    I smoke my ass off and it doesn't affect my cardio workouts.  I breathe great.  But long term, when I'm an old man, I might come to find that my lungs are fucked from all the pot I smoked when I was younger.
    If I smoke tobacco, I can feel immediate breathing impairment.
  16. dude any sort of smoke will do harm to your lungs. but i just believe that weed smoke is the safest smoke you can inhale.
  17. Sometimes it absolutely RUINS my voice for a couple minutes the next morning, but other than that nothing happens
  18. I think hitting really big bowls out of the bong is not healthy as you are taking so much smoke in at once. I like to take small rips from a bowl. I dont cough, its just that the bowl takes longer to smoke

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