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Smoking weed causing extreme pain to my leg?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TrizzyTri, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hey, GC! Several months ago, I got into an accident and I broke my leg (I broke my tibia and my fibula, although I'm not sure if that particular piece of information is important for my problem). During the last several months, I shied away from smoking (mainly because I was bed-ridden to let my leg heal, so I couldn't go out and pick anything up, go to parties, or generally have an access to the herb).

    Anyway, recently I've started smoking again... and every time I do, I start to experience pain in my leg. I own a MFLB, and for a while when starting to use weed again I just vaped and didn't smoke. When I vape, the pain is less severe but still noticeable. When I smoke, however, the pain is *extremely* noticeable (especially the more weed that I smoke). At first, I thought maybe it was just a "high paranoia" type of thing... or a placebo effect. However, my most recent time smoking (which was about 3 weeks ago), I was sitting outside smoking a blunt with two friends when I look at my leg and it is BRIGHT red... I'm talking abnormally so (even compared to the other times I was smoking), and the veins in that leg were extremely noticeable compared to normal as well. The pain was almost as intense as it was the first week or so after surgery, so I had to limp inside and lay down...

    When I woke up, and the three weeks since, my leg has been in noticeably more pain than it was previous to the event... and I have no clue why. I've tried looking the issue up online but to no avail.

    Has this happened with anyone else? Should I contact a doctor? If I did, would it even be wise to tell them about the marijuana usage? I'm totally at a loss on a course of action :confused:
  2. You should see a doctor. Your doctor CANNOT tell anybody about your canabis usage unless you pose a serious risk tou yourself or others. I think the reddening may be from increase in blood flow but if vaping didn't do anything then i don't see why smoking would. Bottom line I would see a doctor.
  3. interested to see if anybody else has input on this issue

  4. Alright, thanks man. I'm going to be going to a doctor within a month or so. I'll keep this updated for anyone else that has/ will have a similar problem...
  5. For anyone that's been checking this out:

    Supposedly, my leg is 'completely healed' and everything should be fine.
    However, when I smoke, it still hurts my leg (surprising, not as much as it used to -- I can still function/walkk aroound/etc).

    HOWEVER, there are some things I'd like to note:
    After the doctor told me I was fine and I could get the screws in my leg removed, I told him I'd keep them in there.
    Unfortunately, I forgot that I had been previously told that they can provide discomfort -- especially to lankier people where the skrews are in my direct contact with the muscles outside of the leg.

    Working out has definitely helped the process, and it's my belief that if the screws were removed (and the nails, if possible) that any final pain I do have wouldn't be an issue.

    So, my advice if you're an avid smoker that just got into a car accident:
    Don't start smoking until your bone is completely healed/you've done some physical therapy/your screws are removed.

    At that point weed will once again become an amazing experience :).
  6. its all in your head.
  7. Quit blaming Cannabis.
  8. [​IMG]
    No- in all seriousness though, I love Canada :)
  9. that flesh eating disease has similar symptoms..
  10. Whatever it is, its not the herb. You should be thankful that herb lets you manage the pain.

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