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smoking weed + benzocaine?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by rpaul, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Today i bumped into someone today and during conversation he brought up the topic bout how if you took benzocaine (the oral paste stuff that makes your mouth numb) and like rubbed a joint paper or blunt wrap in it; it will feel amazing.

    This kid is kinda sketchy but i wanna see what anyone else thinks. Supposedly you can trip from it but i just wanna know if its a good idea. Also anyone think you could rub the weed with it?
  2. No... just... no.
  3. Not only would smoking a joint smeared in that thick paste be disgusting, I think it would do shit all, maybe if some of it touched your lips they'd get a bit numb...
  4. What?:confused:? Why in the hell would anyone do this? Please don't ever do that
  5. your friend is an idiot so dont try it

  6. No way dude don't do it. To much benzocaine can cause tissue death so that would probabl fuck yo mouth up!
  7. No because any caine thats not cocaine just makes your skin go numb, not much else.
  8. It's like smoking a heavily coke laced blunt, but all it does is get your mouth and throat numb.

  9. unless you enjoy a numb throat and mouth. i find that any caine that isn' cocaine has almost 0 recreational value because there is no euphoria :eek:

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