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Smoking weed before eye exam

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by johnnyginge, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I have an eye exam in 2 hours. Would it be bad if I smoked before?
  2. Probably. I don't know about you, but a lot of people experience dry eyes after smoking. Your eye doctor might ask you why they are so dry :p
  3. That's a horrible idea. Especially if your eyes are red and low. He's gonna wonder what's up.
  4. You must have some good times with that common sense.
  5. dont! my buddy goes up there blazed all the times, and thy actually ended up changing a hole bunch of his shit and solutions for his eye cuz they didn't know what was up and he wouldn't just say he was blazed :smoke:
  6. [quote name='"Zd420"']That's a horrible idea. Especially if your eyes are red and low. He's gonna wonder what's up.[/quote]

    2 hours after smoking your eyes shouldn't be red.

    And I doubt he cares if they know he's high (I don't care if anybody knows I'm high, because really nobody cares.) I think he's just worried about the test.
  7. [quote name='"l James l"']You must have some good times with that common sense.[/quote]

  8. Do you really need to?
  9. [quote name='"Swingset Virtue"']Do you really need to?[/quote]

    ,he has to cause he can't wait til after he takes care of what he has to do ........ He probably does everything high
  10. [quote name='"CaliBudE"']

    ,he has to cause he can't wait til after he takes care of what he has to do ........ He probably does everything high[/quote]

    I'm assuming you're talking about me, even though you aren't, because that just explained me haha.
  11. It doesn't matter. Your vision will still be the same and that is what the appt is for right? There are also Doctor-patient confidentiality laws that prohibit him from sharing your info with anyone else but he probably wont even notice.
  12. I did this once, and only once.
  13. I think you shouldnt do that unless you dont care if its suspicious. Than u can just be like Hey im blazed so dont worry about the dry red eyes. haha
  14. Please do not smoke weed before an eye exam. Frankly, the doctor probably can tell and does not give a shit if you're high. But he can't get a good read on what's going on with your eyes. They look at so much more than just visual acuity. They look at signs that might indicate systemic problems like blood pressure issues, and certainly having bloodshot eyes will affect his or her ability to detect any real underlying problems you might have. Let me reiterate, doctors knowing you are high is not a big deal -- they won't call the police unless you present an obvious danger. But it impedes their ability to do their job and provide the best care for you. It could result in an undetected problem, or a waste of time investigating further a problem that does not exist. And, BTW, hangovers affect eye exams also. I am a NORML supporter and an optometrist's spouse.
  15. sounds like a fun experience, I love getting super baked and trying to interact normal with people out in the world
  16. I would advise against it...
    But hey, to each his own. :smoke:
  17. my 2 cents, i smoked a joint with my brother before we both had eye appointments

    yes im 19 and my mum still books my eye appointments but i ent scared...

    anyway they ended up thinking i needed glasses when my last eye test came out with perfect vision
  18. I have to go to the dentist in a hour or two and Im about to match, but if they're bout to do some tests then I wouldn't that shits terrible when your eyes are low especially the glaucoma test with the light felt like I was staring at the sun.
  19. I dunno about you... but I would personally get scared. They make you place your chin in that machine and they come super close to your eye with that blue mirror thing.

  20. Yea that's the glaucoma test, I couldn't do it couldn't open my eyes enough or look in it.

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