Smoking weed at college on campus

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  1. I'm starting college in a few weeks and I'll be living on campus.

    What I wanna know, is that is it worth smoking while at school or will I even be able to?

    I'll have my own little apartment that I'll have with two roommates.. I'll have my own room and bathroom. That should mean I'll be able to smoke on my own, in the bathroom with the door locked, but I don't know.

    I live at home with my dad and brothers now and smoke in my bathroom, it has a window and I blow the smoke out. It doesn't help, it reeks in there, but no one in my house cares that much or even knows. I have a gravity bong in there.. one of the ones with all the holes in the bottom of the bottle with a socket. The socket reeks.

    So should I smoke on campus? I mean, I don't see how I'd get caught since it's my own bathroom.. like who's gonna go into there? I will probably store my stuff somewhere else.
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    Ahh this thread reminds me of when grasscity use to have multiple threads based on smoking in college, can't tell you how many threads I saw titled "got caught smoking in dorm" lol.
  3. Invest in a good vape.
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  4. Fury 2 is super small, has a fast heatup and will knock u out.
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  5. My first thought is, smoke in your free time, not all the time.
    Secondly, you'll probably get caught at some point.
    Whether or not getting caught will impact you legally or academically is your call.
    I think I'd smoke off campus and away from your house for a while.
    Get a feel for things then re-evaluate the situation.
  6. This thread takes me back to the early '80s... I had spent 2 years at junior college, and was lucky enough to get in on an 8 man duplex rental a block from the university football facility when I transferred to university.

    I stumbled into a connection that sourced thru a postal contract hauler's freight hub... regular quarter pounds of fresh sinsemillia nearly every weekend if I wanted it.

    The "dorm rats" from our home towns used our place to smoke up and avoid the wrath of the RAs... and I ran a regular route with their dirty laundry on my trips home (my uncle found a deal on a camper shell for my Chevy S-10 at an RV dealer that was closing out)... their parents would always tip me cash for gas money... and then the kids would buy up the weed that I copped on credit from my connection.
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  7. I agree with everyone apart from scrounger but hey how scrounger sounds like you had a blast.

    But op you sound finicky coming here asking us this so I think you should take the advice from the other guys try vaping it in your free time like say it's a Friday night and you didn't go to a party then vape it and people won't really mind your room mates shouldn't care if you act responsible and just have it say once a week or every 2 weeks

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  8. I see people smoking on campus all the time so I guess depends where you go
  9. 803424F0-9BC0-437C-A99C-9BCC24D9B882.jpeg

    I dabbed every day in my dorms with this fan
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  10. Apple pipes are your best friend before exams. Get good sleep and blaze one on the way to class while having breakfast on the go!
  11. Just go somewhere remote, or smoke outside at times when pedestrian traffic is low.

    Alternatively, make yourself a school joint. Buy some cigarette tubes, take out the cotton filter and replace it with a perforated filter tip (cut it so it matches the cotton filter's dimensions), grind your weed very fine, but not powdery, fill the cigarette tube, take it outside and light it up.

    It's very discreet because it obviously looks like you're smoking a cigarette, which I guess is perfectly fine aroud your campus, but keep in mind people can still smell it, so take distance or you'll blow your cover.

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