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Smoking weed at an early age.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DKro1856, May 25, 2009.

  1. Alright so I am 19 I dont live with my parents anymore but my little brother does. He is 15 turning 16 in a couple months. My parents really hate him smoking weed and hated me smoking weed when i lived with them. My little brother never smokes in the house (or their property for that matter), brought anything that has to do with weed into their house, respects what they think about weed and shit, and gets decent grades. When I lived with them they didnt nearly hate me as much as they hate him for some reason. Like they basically they would search my room sometimes (which I thought was fucked up because I think they should honor my word as I honor theirs), always talk to my friends when they came over about not smoking in there house shit like that. But in my brothers case (from what i hear and what i have seen) they hound his ass almost everyday about "how he is ruining his life", how they wish they could finally have a "good" son when they basically do, one time I was over at their house talking to my dad when my brother walked in and I guess they were in a fight but my dad just started sayin "fuck you, you little cock sucker, get the fuck out of my kitchen" I never seen my dad bein this much of a shit head but idk. I'm not sure if this is because they are fed up with having 3 sons that all smoked weed, but dont you think that after that many kids smoking weed, they would actually not mind as much as long as they got there shit straight? O ya and they both used to smoke weed as well but also did other hardcore drugs that really did almost ruin there lives and i think they are confusing weed with those drugs. I dont know but shit my question to you guys is like should I stand up for my little brother? For some reason he only listens to me for advice when it comes to smoking weed. Should I tell him to stop smokin? Or should I just tell him to go with what he thinks is best for him? I really dont want to be the one who has to make the decisions and shit but I have sourt of been in my brothers shoes and wanted to continue smoking weed when my parents told me not to. And i still did lol. Just shit my mom and dad also ask me what they should do with him and I always say idk if hes doing good and stuff i dont see why not... they always respond, "NO A 15 YEAR OLD BOY SHOULD NOT BE SMOKING WEED", i just end the conversation there just cuz i dont want to tell them how to parent there own kid. They dont give a fuck about me smoking weed because im an adult and they wont care when he turns 18 (to me its just basically an age only because its a 3 year difference and dont see what different it is when your 15. 18 he will still be in high school btw but shit...). Help me out guys what should I do. Right now im really on my brothers side but idk should i even worry about this or what?
  2. call your parents on their smokin weed and be like if you smoked weed why cant he?
  3. If they r confusing weed with other drugs, just inform them that cannabis isn't nearly as bad as heroin, meth, etc. And that their r many many succesful stoners outthere, and mention the death rate(0).
  4. show em The Union.
  5. Ya well i have mentioned all that shit and what i mean by they are confusing weed with other drugs i mean like they used to smoke weed but as they smoked weed they were doing other drougs like coke, meth, and lots of other shit just like all the trouble they got into with weed was because they were doing other drugs.
  6. haha for sure good idea.
  7. Strangely this story is the exact same thing that happened recently to a good buddy of mine. But anyways i think they should just try and compensate for each other and try to find reaosnable solution. With my friends dilema he was given a weed alloweance and freely allowed to smoke weed if he had his grades above a 3.0 and went to therapy once a week. It worked out and he has been happy ever since. Try suggesting this to your friend.
  8. damn thats pretty bad ass a weed alloweance haha that would be pimp but my lil bro works for his money thats another thing thats bull shit they are taking his money because he is buying weed fucking assholes.
  9. What an awful father. Sorry, but he is just terrible.
  10. Tell him do what makes you happy, not your parents. Stick up for him and tell your parents they should be glad he isn't doing other drugs
  11. When it comes to smoking weed ya but otherwise hes aight but ya man it sucked ass thats why i moved out! I had never seen him sayin shit like that i was shocked and felt like shit for my little bro i just stared my dad down and said alright im out and took off.
    Good idea idk tho they seem to not budge after anything i say so shit they said they are not going to care if my brother wants emanicipated when he turns 16 and he might move in with me just not sure yet. Just cuz he would be around 4 other stoners and partyin alot dont think it would be a good environment for a 16 year old lol.
  12. Not even the fact about smoking weed. I can see people getting pissed off at their offsprings for doing drugs, but acting like that to them? Your brother is going to have problems when hes older
  13. yo man you should really do the right thing and tell your bro NOT to smoke. I started smoking when I was 14, and when I was 15-16 I was a full blown initiate. Now I'm 18 and all I do is blaze, shit is really unhealthy. And I know it would be easier to quit if I hadnt of been such a weed beast back in the day
  14. ya I think he already is having some problems like shit man my parents should give him a fucking break god damn.
    Ya I guess its just he is doin good in life and smoking weed is just something he does to make his life better i guess i mean if your parents were assholes like this would you want to quit smoking at all...???
  15. Smoking is fun when youre 15, but what about when youre 35 and still blazin? You're gonna be like My Dad was right!
  16. IMO the general rule of thumb is to make kids stay off the shit until they hit 18. From then on, they can do whatever the fuck they want. One's personality should develop before they invoke drug opportunities.
  17. ^ yeah, thats really important
  18. haha when im 35 and still blazin I dont think it will be a problem Ive only been smoking since i wasl ike 16 or so but ya i see what you mean. I hope it will be legal then!
  19. Sounds like something that is just going to have to be waited out.

  20. i started smoking when i was 15 and i always thought it was the right age to start because its when you really become an older teen and begin facing reality. people who start in 6-8th grade just seem like rebels tryin to get fucked up

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