Smoking Weed and Being a Parent

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  1. my parents didnt smoke around me but they didnt have too i could smell it.
    they smoked for very different reasons though, my dad cos hes just a stoner, my mam started after sge got cancer & had to go through chemo.
    i dont think it impacted negatively on me or any of my siblings, im the only one out of all 5 that smokes and i didnt start becuase my parents did it so i dunno i think it depends on the child really
  2. I personally don't see anything wrong with it, I've got a young son and i never actually toke up around him although i play with him high and everything like that.

  3. It actually makes no difference - CPS has been going after parents with MMJ recommendations (especially those who grow their own)

    Stupid but true
  4. I don't see anything Wrong with it just maybe wait till they are asleep? I had a cousin that has 2 kids she used to stay in her bedroom with the door closed for about an hour about two or three times a day sometimes longer and more often if she had friends over. She would call it "adult time" or some b.s. like that and her children just had to wait till she came out. As long as you don't do something like that I think it would be ok. Btw her kids were about 6 and 4 I think and she was a single mom.
  5. Great conversation going on here, peace
  6. Like others have said, it all depends on the responsibility of the parent. My brother and his fiancée smoke but (for the most part) only smoke after their kids go to bed in their room with the door closed. I see nothing wrong with relaxing with a bowl or two before going to sleep.

    Even if they do smoke during the day they're just as capable of taking care of their kids and usually only do so if out with a friends/not the only one watching them. Personally, when I babysit my brother usually leaves me some bud to smoke but I'll never smoke while the kids are awake because I know I'm not as energetic or responsive when I'm high. Really I always wait for them to come home and smoke with them because I don't want the kids to wake up needing something and me being asleep in the couch.

    Legality is definitely a factor but if you're smart and keep it private there's minimal risk of getting caught.

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