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Smoking wax builds tolerance to flower

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thatstonedwrestler, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Do you guys think smoking oil builds up tolerance to flower ? Like if I packed a fat bowl will I be as blasted I am off of wax

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  2. Wax builds my tolerance, but I build a high tolerance quickly anyway. Smoking wax- the taste is so smooth it's like vaping- makes me not want to smoke flower anymore.
  3. Wax, flower, etc. does not matter. You are building tolerance to THC. Take in a lot of THC from any source, and your tolerance to THC will grow.
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  4. Yes, but you have to understand the high is a different one from flowers.

    You are thinking about edibles, i could have my tolerance high as a kite and eat a lil bit of a high quality edible and get ripped for hours n hours.

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  5. Higher concentrations will raise your tolerance faster even if you're getting the same level of high. So any concentrates will raise your tolerance faster than flower.

    This is because it's not the same compound that is getting you high. Your liver is converting delta 9 THC to delta 11 THC which is much more powerful.
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  6. Thanks for clearing that up, so does this mean you can eat a whole mountain of edibles and it will not effect smoking tolerance ? I read somewhere that edible tolerance and smoking tolerance are different.
  7. I'm not entirely sure but they are distinctly different compounds and it appears that your tolerance for edibles is uneffected by your smoking.
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  8. The smallest dab gets me ripped tho

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  9. I would hope so, it is a concentrate.

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  10. It should get you ripped...

    It will increase your tolerance faster than if you smoked enough flower to achieve the same high.
  11. Consuming THC gives you a tolerance to THC. If you intake the same amount of thc per day in wax as you did weed, no your tolerance wont change
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