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Smoking w/ tobacco to conserve weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by taimakid, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. So i just moved back home to Japan where it's pretty hard to come across flower and i had thought mixing with tobacco would maybe conserve my weed if i mixed it in my bowl? Does anyone have experience doing this?
  2. Thousands do this.
    Urban Dictionary: blunt
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  3. It will taste nasty and might ruin your buzz unless you already enjoy tobacco.

    Have you gathered any wild weed up in Hokkaido?
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  4. I already smoke so i think i wont mind trying it now,

    And no man i haven't sadly, im too scared to be caught
  5. Joe Rogan says some of the highest times he had were from spliffs. Idk. I've smoked a bunch of blunts and get majorly fucked up can't really say more than joints though imo at least not in the sense that the tobacco caused me to get higher.
    You could try micro dosing that's the best way to conserve if you do it right. Take a little bit of weed and take as big of a hit as you can and hold it.

    Anyway Japan is fucked in the head when it comes to weed. And you're risking years in prison potentially just for smoking. Would not be worth it to me at all. Way too much paranoia with that bs.
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  6. I wouldn't smoke it in a bong but it's okay in papers :smoke:
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  7. why not conserve your health instead? tobacco causes cancer so you are overall shortening your life, but to each a perfect way to enjoy life
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