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Smoking vs eating weed for cinema

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. Hey, I have a low tolerance (new toker) to weed and Im going to watch Ted tommorow (a comedy) in the cinema, Im smoking a couple of bowls and a joint before I go or making an edible, if you reccomened making one can you give me a quick recipe :smoke:
  2. No hate please :smoke:
  3. You could microwave them, but you risk:

    A. overcooking the weed

    B. losing potency

    If the smell is what you're worried about, trust me no one will know. I've done it before and it only smells like at the oven, and the smell isn't strong and doesn't smell like weed, it's kinda like peanut butter mixed with a burned pinecone smell haha, idk it's kinda hard to describe.
  4. Haha I sure am plus microwave is faster, could you tell me how long I would have to microwave if I did on high power I dont mind overcooking :smoke:

  5. Just google "microwave firecrackers". They're a bunch of threads out there with recipe's for firecrackers, especially on grasscity. I couldn't really tell you how long to microwave them for since I've never done it that way.
  6. Yeah I'd go with the edibles - just make sure you eat them 40 minutes prior to the movie (also eat something else 40 minutes prior THAT).
    That way you should still be heading in and capable to buy your tickets/deal with any staff before you have any significant kick-in, and be settled in your seat with your food and drinks, ready to go - and it ought to fully kick in sometime within the first half hour of the film.
    I suggest you take a piss before the movie.

    ...But yeah, the edibles will see you through the movie and beyond.
  7. Ahh kl man thanks :smoke: btw do you think I will trip out in the cinema :hippie:
  8. If you make a firecracker in the microwave, just smoke it. Because number one it probably won't work, and if it does it will be very weak.

  9. No problem man, and to answer your question that would kinda depend on two things.

    Your tolerance
    How much weed you use

    Do you have experience tripping out? If you've smoked a couple of times, and follow the recipe, I think you'll be fine. Don't eat more than the recipe suggests, it is such a common mistake for people to eat one cracker and say " oh im not high let me take another" WRONG. That my friend is how you get sick. Edibles can take anywhere from 45 minutes- 2 hours depending on your metabolism.
  10. Lol cinema. Sounds really Fancy
  11. Really yh I might as well smoke it then cause theres no point
  12. Thanks for the advice :smoke: I trip a lot like I thought some worker in a takeaway had his eyes really open idk man
  13. #15 Forbesy, Aug 14, 2012
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    dont make edibles, just smoke before, way easier. You will save yourself so much hassle
  14. If you have a concept of how a microwave works, you would understand that putting marijuana in a microwave would just cook the thc out of whatever your making. That's why I say don't if your making it in the microwave. If you can use a oven go for it, the edible high will be a lot longer and probably more enjoyable in a cinema setting.
  15. [quote name='"stoned42"']
    Really yh I might as well smoke it then cause theres no point[/quote]

    If you're gonna smoke make sure you have time to do it like ten minutes before the movie starts.

    I went to see the watch yesterday. I smoked a joint before I bought the tickets. Had to wait an hours and a half to see the movie. And I was burnt out by time it started. Didn't have Fu n at all. So make sure you time it right.
  16. Firecrackers are awesome given the ease of making them. Best way to see a movie, concert, etc IMO
  17. Was thinking about smoking it like an hour before the movies, bad idea?
  18. Not a "bad" idea...but you will likely not retain a good high for most of the movie...I mean how long does smoking normally hit you?
    Up to you to decide if it's a bad idea or not.
    What did you find amiss about the edible option though, if you don't mind me asking?
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