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smoking vaped bud...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonerish, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. i know that this is a thread often done, and rarly done justice, and that the majority of readers are in fact legitamit seasonded tokers in here ready to flame... but douse thy flames with a drink of water, or a snack of mint chocolate chip ice cream.....

    now that im back from getting my ice cream lol... how many of you in your desperate hour days of past... when bud of the highest possibile quality wasnt around 100% of the time when you needed it....

    HAve any of you smoke vaped bud? Did you smoke it with any fresh weed... in what ratio? How vaped was the weed?

    I smoked a bong bowl of soley vaped weed.. It was vaped in my homemade thinglass jar vapouriser... and im pretty high, a different high, and i got paranoid and made so much noise outside with my bong and left another bowl only like a quarter smoked.... im basically out of weed right now, and wanted to conserve, i have one more night of vaped weed.. and its worth it

    crappy taste however, and decreased, but worthwhile effects

    What say you seasoned tokers out there?
  2. I always vape my bud twice. Usually vape all my stuff, and then revape all of that. I get decently high the second time vaping it.
  3. HAH ya one time I got desperate. I had nothing to smoke but vaped but so I hit it and it just gave me a buzz.
  4. i'm getting a vape in the mail soon... i will try it and let you know :D
  5. Hell yeah, me and my friends use vaped weed (we call it "two-face") to roll up a bunch of joints and smoke them on the way to class or just outside our building. Usually keep them in a cig box to look less suspicious. They don't really smell like weed so no one gives a shit, plus they give you a decent buzz.
  6. I usually always vape, then smoke the vaped bud. lol i dono why, it tastes nasty though. Most of the time i put oil on top and it's alright.
  7. I only vape bowls that are around .25....after all the buds black/dark brown I pile it into a napkin... after 1-4 vape bowls I always load the bong or bubbler and smoke the vaped stuff. it tastes like BUTTHOLE and is only like 20% as potent as it was originally. Yesterday I scraped the condensed yellow vapor from my vape, and got a bowl of sticky-icky bubble-hash like stuff. I smoked it and immediatly threw up, it like coats your lungs in plastic it feels like...bud I got was even better than some hash Ive had before!
  8. that's inspiring.

    i've heard of people saving all their vaped weed and making edibles out of like an ounce...
  9. I smoked a jay of vaped weed with 3 people about a week ago when i was desperate. I didnt get high, it tasted like pure shit and i puked 3 hits in. Overall id say dont do it.
  10. thats my goal!
    ive got a film canister full
    (bout 2 grams)
    from the past week

    but i vaped half of it 10 minutes ago:confused:
  11. I have a few buddies (small time tokers; Just once in a while) that ASK me to roll them vaped doobs. For that purpose, i vape (Vapor brothers :)) the dank to only light brownish.
    Its a smooth smoke, and a nice Jay will make you giggly and happy. Cheap, too ;)

  12. Wow i'm really surprised that it works for you, i was kinda drunk when i smoked the doob and that could have had something to do with me puking, i'm probably going to try and do it again. Btw thanks to the guy that said he vaped his weed twice because i had an ounce of vaped weed i was saving to make brownies and i started vaping it and now im high as fuck and happy:D.
  13. Yeah the vaped bud isn't as intense, but shit, it costs us nothing. Damn good for free.

    @djtugboat: have you made brownies with it before?
  14. No but my roommate said he ate brownies made with vaped weed and they got him decently high.
  15. If its light brown there is still more essence available for your to become elevated off of. If its dark dark brown, you might be wasting your time. Unless you are 100% desparate; its likely a little more unhealthy to smoke, but still safe to vape. You just might not get anything out of it you were looking for.
  16. Again proved....

    repeated the experiment, smoking vaped bud...
    some was a little green, most light brown, some black lol

    smoked out of a bong

    half a bowl was left over from my last smoke
    it was a little humid, but still good to smoke after a drying

    took it in 3 hits cus of the wetness, 2 were basically empty hits, the last was the whole thing...

    emptied bowl

    packed homemade bong bowl with vaped weed, packed, and lit,,, too tightly packed.... Damn. No matter, picked up a stick and poked the weed apart, it worked... took the whole thing in 2 clean hits... held in long and was full lung capacity (im a swimmer),

    Emptied bowl

    packed again with weed, after poking a bigger hole in the bowl on the top side of the bowl.... I lit it and it took a huggge cherry... i figured i could take 2 hits, then i felt the rush... i had poked a hole.. the smoke was rushing through the bong at speeds hitherto unknown... i looked down at the bowl.. almost cached... i kept going, full lung capacity of pure smoke, a whole bowl in one hit and i felt it... and i saw the smoke... it was alot lol


    Now.. the high is present, yet different than the original weed, or vaped bud lol... overall, im 30 mins into it,, feels like longer... high at this point, probs for another hour or so which is all i need right now and i have a tolerance of some signifigance

    Proved (in my mind at least)

  17. I vape mine pretty hard the first time through (dark brown/black) using the supreme vaporizer. When I'm desperate enough (tonight!) I'll pack a fat bowl (the bowl is actually a mini pipe) and it gives a mild high if you haven't smoked in a day or two.

    Vaping is amazing I will never switch back until butane is expensive (not implausible). My lungs are much happier now as well. It is scary to see how much plant material is left that one would normally be inhaling. Hey, maybe we're even fighting off cancer and other diseases at the same time.
  18. Meh...make hash oil out of it.
  19. this is what my vaped bud looks like:

    it's completely void of moisture, revaping wouldn't work, i've smoked some in a blunt before, tastes like ass - didn't get me high

    it looks more black to the human eye
  20. #20 abilities, Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 28, 2009
    im collecting vap'd bud in a jar. but i have a vapor buddy vaporizer, so the vap'd bud is for the most part completely black and what is still in form of ground up nugget easily breaks into dust, with specks of green because my vap doesnt vaporizer the bowl equally or very well, some just schwaggy brown colored... im saving it to milk it for qwiso hash along with a lot of stems saved up. but when i was desperate and dry and had no res to scrape from any pipes, i put some vapd but back in my vaporizer.. the results were not enjoyable and nearly useless.

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