smoking up pets?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by MegadethFan, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. A few of my friends have told me that they have smoked up their dogs and such. I kinda want to smoke up my poodle, but I really don\'t know how the high would affect him. Has anyone smoked up any of their pets? What were the results?
  2. First off, discussion of getting pets/kids high isnt allowed. Second, I have heard of pets wanting to join their circle, while other pets run away.I dont think getting them high is bad unless you force them to get high
  3. yeah adim will arive shortly.
  4. I\'ve never bothered getting my dog high but have friends who do it to their dogs. A friend of mine told me that blowing in their ear gets them higher.

    The bottom line is if you inhale the blunt then blow it in their face, you aren\'t getting them high. Its very hard to get a dog to actually inhale weed.
  5. Ive had my dog in the room while i was gettin high, not sure if she felt anything tho
  6. i dont think any animal should be forced to get high, just seems a bit cruel since they have no choice in the matter.

    but at the same time, im REALLLLLY curious to know what my dog would do high lol.

    Id say start off in your room with your dog, start smoking and if he leaves the room then he doesnt want to be there, if he stays hes cool with it. Just give the guy a option thats all lol
  7. I have a cat, his name is Buttons. Buttons is an anti-social cat, but everytime I break out my bowl in my room, Buttons gets REAL friendly. He\'ll come over and sit on my desk and rub against my face and stuff. He\'s almost know to sniff bowl and herb stashes heavily and for long periods of time. In short, my cat loves mary jane more than I do.
  8. ^^thats pretty cool. do you blow second hand smoke at him or hot box a room with him in it?
  9. Depends, sometimes I blow it at him, most of the time I just exhale and he\'ll walk threw it. His coat reeks of weed, its a wonder my parents haven\'t caught me yet. He definitely gets stoned too, he gets all goofy like and rolls around on the floor, swipes at nothing, and meows at my walls. One time, I went down stairs to get some food, I came back up and he was pouncing on my bed. He\'d pounce, look around, pounce, it was super funny.
  10. I\'ve got 2 cats, 1 likes cat nip, the other doesn\'t. The cat that likes cat-nip also likes the smell of MJ when I gently blow it in her face. The other cat that doesn\'t like cat-nip doesn\'t like mj either.
  11. In before the lock :)

    Some pets like to get high, others dont. Sharing is nice, but be responsible ;)
  12. I\'d agree with the others who have said let the pet decide. I had an old dog with arthritis and he loved to have smoke blown in his ear, I think it really soothed him. On the other hand one of my young dogs would run anytime I\'d try to blow in his year, so I left him alone. (I think one of the reasons he was so afraid of pot was because I had hide a 1/4 sack of NYC deisel under the couch while I went outside to smoke a bowl, while I was out there the little fucker got into it and ate about half, he was pretty sick after that...)

    I\'m getting a new cat this summer, I hope he\'ll enjoy the smoke and not run :p
  13. my ferrit that i got from my cousin man, that thing was a huge stoner. she used to hold it by it\'s scruff and blow it shotguns from a blunt. never seemed to do it any harm. i don\'t think it inhaled.
  14. i havea pet rat named butters and when i smoke he chews his cage saying he hungery only when i smoke he chews tho..... he wants to get high whil on my shoulder my pet rat is a stoner somday i odnt wana smoke but i cant sleep cuz butter chews so i spark a bowl lol.
  15. i blow milk shots into my dogs ear all the time, he always knows when im abou to smoke and joins me in my room, he usually just eats his food and drinks a lot of water. Its kinda funny cause he stumbles around but i usuallly just carry him to my bed after our before bed toke.
  16. haha i\'d be so mad
  17. thread reported. for the 15 millionth time. read the damn rules.

  18. Didn\'t read the rules, huh?

    *Everyone quoted (above) got a two week temporary ban.

    Exactly...everyone needs to read the damn rules!!!
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