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Smoking up after work..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GNJ Aristocrat, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Isn't it like...the best? Come home from a shitty 9 hour retail shift and sparking up just takes it. It's definitely the thing I treat myself to at the end of the day.
    What about you? Do you reward yourself after work?
  2. dude thats what im doing right now!b :smoke:

    i LOVE toking after work. its what i look forward to all day. i work till 2 am an its become ritual to go out on the back porch put on music and make a vid of me hittin the bong.i have a SHIT TON of videos haha
  3. AGREED!!! relaxes the body tons!!!
  4. Exactly. Definitely awesome on the sore feet lol

  5. ajajaja DUDE exactly!!!
  6. Hell yeah, the best part of the day for the most part! Kickin' back and relaxin' on a nice sesh after work, especially since I don't blaze before or during. Such a nice reward :hello:
  7. Yeah man, same here. I'm aonce a day smoker. Keep it fresh.
  8. Post-workout is better.
  9. Smoking up after work>post workout
  10. I'd have to agree with this just because a day at work seems so much more tiring than the gym. I like that pump, and that feeling of being tired after the gym, it's not exhausted, it's almost like another euphoria, or another body high. Totally different things, IMO.
  11. Agree'd as well.
  12. Shit I reward myself before,during break, and after work.

    9hour day though shit man. I'm a stocker at shitty grocery store most I get is 5 hour shifts man and I get to check out some milfs mmhmm.
  13. I award myself a bowl after my homework is done. Ha.

    Thing is, I get my homework done the minute I come home from school now.:rolleyes:
  14. It can turn a bad day into a wonderful day..toke on
  15. Absolutely :hello:
  16. Ya I find that not only do I feel higher but I appreciate smoking more when I am doing it as a reward for a hard days work.

    Work hard, play hard!
  17. hell yea and when i go anywhere i check out milfs tokethegreen.

    wake and bakes when you don't have anything to do or on a day off are sick.

    i compare smoking when i get off work to when someone has to drink a beer.
  18. I agree. I usually smoke before work if I am not busy that day but I have to work from 2:30 - 11pm tonight :(
  19. After work is the only time for me. Cant be high all the time or you would just call it normal, wheres the fun in normal?
  20. definitely..great way to unwind

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