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Smoking under-purged BHO

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by anonymous911, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. I posted this on another subforum and never really got an answer, so I'll try it again here.

    I recently purchased some honey bud and I'm pretty sure the bho wasn't purged properly. The BHO is really dark and it has a really strong aftertaste of butane for the first 3 hits or so until the butane burns off. My question is, is it safe to smoke or should I trash it?
  2. Purge it yourself if its underpurged.

    Don't throw it away if you're gonna do that mail it to me haha
  3. how do I do that when the oil is already soaked into the bud? I don't have just straight bho
  4. If you put the oil over the bud then there's nothing you can do. I doubt that the excess butane is any more dangerous than the butane you inhale when you use a lighter.
  5. O that's what honey bud is haha, I'd never heard of that before.

    Idk man that's a tricky situation. I can't imagine it'll kill you. It has to have been purged a little so I'd say you're good. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right haha

    It sucks it effects the taste of the bud though
  6. You could VERY carefully heat it in an over at an extremely low temperature

  7. what's an extremely low temperature? lol my oven doesn't go lower than 200*F

  8. Youre pretty much fucked. Not only is the BHO in a state where it cant be purged correctly, but your bud is soaked in it. Might as well chuck it, or you could try and make QWISO, but i dont even know if that will work.
  9. Fuck it, yolo!
  10. I told my guy about the bad bho and he just gave me a total refund for it and I can keep the rest of the honey bud.

    Gotta love honest dealers :smoking:

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