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smoking two things out of one piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohyeahsonn, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. me and some friends smoked a lot of salvia (about 2-3 grams over a weekend) out of the same bowl/stem i just gravity bonged from.

    i did a decent sized bowl's worth and now i feel so diff then i ever have from weed.
    is this the salvia and weed?
    how long does the salvia trip of a weed/salvia mix last?
  2. still tripping.

    any ideas?
  3. could be placebo, could be saLvia. prolly doesnt last any more than salvia alone does
  4. ughh i know its not placebo.
    im on my third bowl of fruity pebbles.

    eyes bloodshot as hell
  5. Small amounts of salvia produce a slight out of body experience that I can distinguish from weed. You know how salvia feels if you smoked 3 grams of it.

  6. :eek:
  7. A lot of my friends, and people in general have smoked salvia, but never really experienced it full-force due to poor smoking techniques. When smoking salvia, you should get a very concentrated extract. All you need to do is take ONE hit, to feel it's effects full-force if it's a concentrated extract. But, i've noticed a lot of people I've seen smoke it, take little pussy hits, because it's new to them, that's a mistake. You need to take as big of a hit as you can, and hold it in, and you should be tripping balls. I understand soem people are poor smokers, and take little tiny hits because there lungs are incapable of taking large hits. If you take a tiny hit, you'll feel your legs get tingly for 20 seconds. If that's all you feel from salvia, you're taking too pussy of hits.

    Last time I smoked salvia, I watched my bottom jaw escape my face, and turn into a dinosaur right in front of me, as tribal natives stood from the distance chanting a war cry. My mind turned into an actual entity that was communicating with me from the fluorescent lights in my kitchen.

    If you are not sure if you feel the effects of salvia or not, then you did something wrong. My only advice is to not be a puss, and take a large hit and hold it in.
  8. Yeah, a full force hit of salvia will TRIP YOU TO ANOTHER FUCKING REALM!
    However..Small amounts produces a comfortable out of body high.
    It's great mixed with weed in a weed 80% and salvia 20% mixture.
  9. this isnt what im talking about. believe me, over a weekend its not hard for 4 people to use 3 grams. and i know what its like to trip on salvia. i had posted something on here about the night i tripped balls.
  10. i just realized, I MEANT I SMOKED A BOWL OF WEED AT THE TIME not salvia. i meant i used the bowl for salvia (3grams worth of bowls) and then i had used it for weed. apparently, i was tripping from the salvia. i wasnt gone but i could steel feel my body tripping. i could feel the weed trying to make me chill too.

    idk, but i just cleaned the peice cause its my favorite homemade

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