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Smoking Twice In 3 Days? (Question Regarding Consitution)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dmcd, May 30, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I realize this may have been asked before but I wasn't sure what string to use with the search function so if this is a common question I apologize.
    Anyway, here's the question:
    Will my constitution be notably affected if I smoke a little tomorrow, ( just enough to get a buzz going) when I'm planning to get baked with friends on Saturday?
    I last smoked 2 weeks ago and I normally have a pretty low tolerance level.
    I realize this isn't an exact science but all help is appreciated, thank you.
    tl;dr: If I smoke a little tomorrow do you think it will notably affect my tolerance for Saturday?

  3. Sweet! Thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Not at all.
  5. You will get pretty baked easily still :smoking:
  6. I've been partaking for nearly 4 years now and my tolerance has barely increased. Edibles (which comprises ~60% of my intake, 90% prior to buying MFLB) are hard to measure because it depends on how much you use to make the butter. But I still don't need a full Launch Box trench to get rocked, I take 4-5 tokes, leave it a few hours and top myself up when needed. I go through about a trench per day, 2 if I start early, which is why a Q lasts me around a month. 
    So, nah, that won't affect your tolerance in the slightest. 
  7. No, it'll take longer than that to gain a tolerance
  8. Imagine if tolerance was like that though. Smoking would be horrible!

    Sent from the app.

  9. Your constitution? Fuck I am blazed please dont talk like that when I'm blazed.
    You will be fine saturday if you smoke a lil tommorow.
  10. You're fine haha
  11. It takes consistent regular use to raise your tolerance buddy. I smoked everyday for 2 weeks and barely noticed any increase
  12. I've been smoking everyday for over 8 years, and tolerance, IMO, is almost entirely based on smoking the same strain constantly. It's not so much that your body can handle more weed, you just get used to the effects that that particular strain has on your body. Like a meth head dosing higher and higher every time trying to chase that first euphoric high. That's a pretty extreme comparison, but I still think it holds true here.
    Right now, it sounds like you haven't been smoking very long, and you've already admitted to not smoking every day, so you really have nothing to worry about. But, down the road, try to mix up the strains and varieties you smoke. This just also makes it more interesting, getting to try a bunch of different types of weed in your lifetime.
  13. Hahaha dude, you could smoke 3 bowls everyday for 1-3 months and your tolerance might not change. It took me like a year to start building up a high tolerance. 

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