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Smoking tricks..?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kvcc, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Hey i've always wanted to do smoking tricks, i cant do any of them at all.

    But id thought id want to start of with something simple.

    How do you get your hits to look SUPER white? Like a big cloud coming out of your mouth?
    I take big hits always, and hold them in for 5-10 seconds or something, but it never comes out really thick and cool looking...

    How do I do this? :hello:
  2. hit it so you dont inhale then push it out of ur mouth and inhale it really fast.

    smoke rings are also really easy once you learn the proper technique.
  3. dont hold it in for 5-10 seconds ;)
  4. So instead of holding it in, just exhale it really fast?(after taking a hit)
  5. dont exhale too quickly
  6. French Inhaling is a mega-easy one
  7. this thread would be better if people explained how to do it. i want to learn some tricks.
  8. Bring the smoke in to your mouth, not your lungs....if you wanna do smoke tricks that is, for french inhaling just use your tounge to push the smoke out of your mouth while you inhale through your nose.
  9. wat i do to make it look cool is i hold it in for like 2 seconds so i still absorb a lot of THC and not waste it all but i open my mouth, breath out slowly and move my head from side to side slowly. it looks pretty cool i guess but if u want a cooler one try out rings. i do the same begining thing but i let the smoke come out of my mouth. then wat u do is lower ur jaw so smoke can fill ur mouth more, then push it up a little bit, and at the same time make a smaller O with your lips. practice that a bit and youll make some rings
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    tricks are hard to explain. writing isnt the best medium to teach them with. just fool around with the smoke, and you'll figure it out.

    mushroom clouds - fill your mouth with fresh smoke, open your mouth and gently exhale. in fact, its almost like pushing the smoke out with your tongue. when you can see the smoke, sharply inhale it.

    french inhaling - fill your mouth with fresh smoke, open your mouth, and once again gently push it out. however, at the same time, inhale through your nose.

    you can do both at the same time. french inhale and when youre almost out of smoke, push the remaining smoke out and inhale it with your mouth.

    smoke rings - tons of techniques. fill your mouth with smoke, open your mouth fully, but close your lips so that they form a small hole. tilt your head back a bit, and tap your finger on your cheek. little rings will come out. or you can fill with smoke, and do the same gentle exhale, but at the same time just snap your jaw closed a little bit and bigger rings will come out.

    like i said, it's easier to watch someone do it than try to read an explanation. look for some videos on youtube.

    blunts tend to have very thick, milky smoke. i LOVE to french inhale blunts.
  11. THC absorbs into your lungs almost instantly, and holding your breath for 5-10 seconds might get you a bit higher because it can circulate, and make sure you get all the THC. Other than that, it just makes you feel higher because you're depriving your brain of oxygen.

    Anyway, a cool trick is if you let it roll out of your mouth and inhale it through your nose. The trick is to not inhale down your throat after taking the hit. Keep it all in your mouth, and then let it steam out and up your nostrils :]
  12. Well the french inhale i cant do, im sick :rolleyes:

    I might try the mushroom cloud next time.

    So when I inhale, let it go to my mouth instead? Can i get it to my lungs and then kinda into my mouth after? I still wanna get high :smoke:
  13. what you gotta try is

    take a huge hit and hold it in for as long as you can. If done right when you exhale no smoke should come out =] i call it the invisibility trick

  14. ALL the carcinogens from the smoke are now absorbed into your lungs instead of just the THC, WHAT A FUN TRICK AHEHGHD HG

    Sorry but damn man...

    All I can do is blow in the slide of my bong while smoke is in there to make rings come out of the mouthpiece.
  15. this is going to sound stupid but I've been trying to do the snap inhale but I dont know how to keep it in my mouth I always accidentally inhale and then it doesn't work.can anyone tell me how??
  16. I dont know but i can do the Circles and the Waterfall(french I can also do the mushroom cloud...

    Hey one day i was smoking a few blunts with my friend and we was practicing tricks(used to deal, mad bud) and we just started laughing out of no where and i say "imagine someone does a trick by holding down there lower part of there eyelid and smoke just comes out" and i showed him... Funny, im blasted sorry if this was weird.:confused:

  17. if you are talking about letting it puff out your mouth and quickly inhale it again then i know exactly what you are talking about.

    i do that everytime i hit the blunt/joint.

    its just how i smoke, i dont know how to just straight up inhale.
  18. AAAAMMM. Whats a snap inhale? Are you taling about when you let the smoke out of your mouth and the pull it back in?

    lol, yea I french inhale when I smoke cigs. People always look at me weird like i'm crazy when I do it.
  19. that was what i thought to, it could be something else.
    all these smoking terms are killing me faster than smoking.
  20. you still do get high, you just inhale like you would with a straw so it goes in your mouth first, not your lungs then you move your jaw and cheeks so it comes out quick and you inhale it again and it goes to your lungs, its hard at first because your acctually trying to do it but once you do it alot you just naturally do it, it might be easier for me because i smoke cigarettes but idk

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