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  1. A couple months ago (start of summer) I started working grounds crew at an institution, which sees me getting up at 5 every morning (earliest I've had to get up regularly) and working til 2:30. I'm not sure if I've gone a day without smoking since I started working. my typical routine is smoking right after work and then again around 8 before bed. I also regularly smoke with friends on the weekends.
    My problem lies in that all the days seem to blur together, for example I may have a harder time recollecting what I did the previous weekend or when certain things happened throughout recent days. I also generally feel like my mind is not as sharp, i forget words sometimes, etc. This may simply be long work days taking its toll, but I can't help but wonder if being high half the time i'm not working has anything to do with it. should i take a t break to see if my head clears up? maybe i'm just creating the situation in my head and its nothing abnormal? i'm taking vacation soon and may not be able to smoke everyday so hopefully that will shed some light on the situation..

    tl;dr - i'm working long days and smoking a lot of pot and can't tell if my perceived mental sluggishness is from smoking or work, or just a creation of my own mind.
  2. the advantages of some self control

    is you lower ..even control ya tolerance

    lower tolerance means higher stones with less weed

    good luck
  3. Days will start to blur like that when you're doing the same shit day in and out. Spice it up a little bit dude, just for yourself or you'll end up going crazy

  4. Lol I know the feeling bro I used to work 5:30pm till 1am 5 days a week (got weekends off) I used to buy a half oz every Thursday when I got paid because I had the money for it, I used to smoke a joint before I went into work then blaze from when I finished at 1am till 9-10am then sleep wake up at 4pm, I was pretty much high 24/7 for about 9 months while I worked there shit was crazy lol. I was working in a warehouse at the time loading lorrys I used to have to check the labels 2/3 times lol
  5. Every time this sort of thing happens go on a tolerance break. the best breaks are about 3-4 days. If you workout a lot it may also help clean out your system. Controlling yourself separates stoners from drug addicts.
  6. Sounds like a combination of both.

    Anything that's got a screwy sleep schedule leads me to have weird brain fog for months. I avoid it, unless the pay evens out the headspace.
  7. Lol. Birds of a feather flock together...(in this thread, it seems).

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