Smoking too much?

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  1. So my girlfriend told me I smoke too much. I smoke on the weekends w my bros cuz she says she doesn't want to smoke anymore. I respect her decision. Then I smoke sometimes at night. After she goes to bed I smoke a joint around 10 and stay up til 12. She recently told me that I'm smoking too much. I wanna tell her it's how I relax and chill by myself. She's worried Ima start smoking when I wake up and thinks that Im gunna get addicted and always have to be high. What is your guys opinion?
  2. Tell her if she loves you, she will support your decisions.
    And if you love her, you'll think about how your decisions affect her.
    Talk it out before issues build up.
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  3. Thanks man. But does anyone think that it's kinda fucked up that she says I'm smoking too much cuz I'm doing it when she's not around or I'm not even talking to her so she doesn't think I'm choosing weed over her. You would think she wouldn't mind me doing it by myself. I could understand if I was around her high all the time but I'm not. She thinks I'm gunna become a 'pothead'. No offense to potheads I just don't wanna be portrayed as that kinda person. Anyone think she's being a little controlling?
  4. See in this light, she might care about you and want you to succeed in life.
    Heavy duty stoners 'might' not pay attention to their ambitions as much?

    I mean, I understand because early in my dating life, I've had GFs tell me the same, they just didn't want me to be an all day stoner working minimum wage jobs For life.
    I told her to get off my ass, which is immature, i should of listened and at least compromised some stoner time and thought about a career.
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  5. Idk but don't start waking and baking....your going to like it to much haha
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  6. Just tell her.
    "Look this isnt gonna work out. I will still help you move your stuff out @ weekend no hard feelings like ".

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  7. Tell her she's a quitter and you can't tolerate that attitude.
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  8. Honestly bro leave that bitch. If she doesn't want you waking and baking because she thinks your gonna get addicted she doesn't know anything about bud.

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  9. Nah lol relax bro

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  10. Anyone who thinks you smoke too much or are 'becoming a pothead' is definitely trying to control or micromanage your life. Those are toxic types.
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  11. Break up with her, and date someone who smokes like you do.
    Problem solved.
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  12. Tell her to be patient and watch how things go. Over a sufficient amount of time, hopefully she'll realize her fears are unfounded and it'll be all good again.
  13. Omg Op itz like this .. All she's worried about is you being consumed with gettin high & when that happens routines change such as smokin up a lot of money, active energy turns into laziness, mood swings, fiendish behavior, forgettin important shit, being in traffic waiting for stop signs to turn green etc .. so all you gotta do is avoid these behaviors becuz its just about provin her wrong .. if you can do that then there would be no arguments in the end to deal with ..
  14. This is your answer OP
  15. accurate.

    OP it sounds like you might have a good girl on your hands, as she's looking out for you. Has she been high before? Sometimes people who haven't been high, or just haven't been high many times, have misconceptions about what it does to you. Even tho she's trying to look out for you, you don't wanna be controlled by her, you just gotta find that middle ground.. if I was in that situation I would just tell her that you appreciate her concern for you, but that you like herb and you're gonna use it how you wish to without it affecting the relationship?

    {alternative advice: smoke behind her back, like at night when you're chilling with her, go outside and get high then come back in and chill with her. not as good of advice, but I have to say it's the most fun option}

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  16. Has she ever smoked with you, and more importantly, have you two ever smoked together and then...become intimate?

    My wife (who occasionally smokes) said something similar to me recently and the truth was I HAD been recently smoking a lot more than I was before and it was taking a toll on my lungs a bit. So I told her I would tone it down a bit. However, she is becoming more and more aware that MJ is the most effective sleep medication for me so she is less bothered by it. Also, I am naturally pretty high strung and settling me down is a GOOD thing. Be open with your girlfriend about why it is that you smoke on a semi-regular basis - she might understand.
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  17. The infamous 'waiting til the stop sign turns green joke'. . . I hate when people say that. Maybe if you're a dumb ass or a rookie you'd do that. But a seasoned cannabis user? Absolutely not. So many tools smoke now... Such a shame.
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  18. I bet you don't cough when you rip either?

    Sounds like you need to take somma them tools, and smoke till you wait for a stopsign to turn green.
  19. Maybe she just wants you to be happy sleeping with her at night and not having to rely on weed to be content

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  20. Your response made no sense. If you're going to try and insult someone, at least be competent enough to form a proper statement. And no, I don't typically cough when I smoke. Although there are times when I do. Just because you don't have any hair on your sack and cough like a little coochie every time you "take a rip", doesn't mean others do the same.

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