Smoking tonight???

Discussion in 'General' started by HippieChic420, May 8, 2006.

  1. Anyone else about to light up a blunt??? Just got some more good ass weed. I'll take a puff for all of u that can't cheif up right now.:)
  2. i got really baked earlier, now im just chillin- fixin to roll up something shortly, though. :)
    Cheers bro!
  3. I took some vicodin and smoked 2 bowls
  4. I drank a pint.

    Smoked about 3 grams.

    I rolled up two joints, Both of them one handed. Jus seein if i could do it. First one was smokeable but i said fuck it i rather smoke a better joint. Later on tryed it again and rolled a good one on my second try. Alot of hebr fell out while rollin though. It was kinda a skinny joint. But it was tight and burnt good.

    But im blazed. Bout to smoke another bowl, Eat some munchies, And go to bed sometime, I dont feel like sleepin though i need to.
  5. Yeah I'm stoned now....I'm gonna chill, eat something (strawberry mini wheats) and hit the sack...

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