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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mr.bong, May 27, 2009.

  1. Hey guys!

    Well, where to begin..
    Last night I had a massive realisation that a few of my family members probably smoke weed!
    I know that sounds like nothing, but it was a huge thing to discover that in all reality, I'm almost certain that two of my uncles smoke weed, as well as perhaps my mum and one of my aunties!

    Basically I came to this conclusion when I was thinking about how many people on my street must smoke up, and then it hit me! Who the fuck listens to Bob Marley, has dreadlocks and a room constantly full of smoke, and doesn't toke up?! Now I'm pretty damn sure because of this that my uncle smokes (smoked?) regularly..
    Now I can't remember living with my uncle in too much detail because it was around when I was 10 or so, but I do remember lots of little things which I thought were nothing at the time..

    Anyway I'd be interested to hear your stories about finding out that family members smoke weed, stories of catching them in the act get extra stoner points!! :p

    Share away!
  2. Ive smoked with my mother before but its kinda anoying cuz she gets so stoned she needs help walking and cant stop laughing so basically i have to babysit her. Everyone else in my family besides my sister is completely against pot!
  3. Wow, that's going a bit too far on your mum's part but as long as she isn't doing anything stupid it's ok I guess..

    I know how you feel with your family being against weed, my mum's like a propaganda-monger..
  4. I thought that you thought that she smoked?
  5. cuaght
  6. My mom used to throw away my weed and bongs and all types of glass for the longest time. Well my mom divorced my dad and her new bf smokes weed on a daily basis. Well she let me have one of my bongs back and has actually hit it with me. She only takes one hit though and is high but not annoying. I never expected that I would be smoking with her
  7. i know that at lease two of my uncles smoke weed and that my grandmother used to even grow for them! (she is pretty into gardening). She doesnt grow anymore but im sure my uncles still toke up, ive never mentioned my love for the ganj to them though.

  8. My apologies, I meant to say that I think she has smoked in the past (pretty sure not regularly).
    In any case this really annoys me as she's being a complete hypocrite and flips out whenever I try to introduce the prospect of me trying weed for the "first time" :rolleyes:.

    Seeing your guys stories makes me jealous :p maybe some unforseen incident will occur in the future allowing my parents to change their views on smoking... I can always dream, right?!


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