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smoking tobacco

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sour Citrus, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. ok, so we all know how addicting tobacco is and how people become addicted all the time. what i'm asking is who of you out there smoke a cigarette or cigarello (or something else with tobacco) and are not addicted? if you are not addicted, how often do you smoke them?

    i'm asking because ill enjoy a nice cigarello and i tend to inhale a puff time to time for a short buzz. i just don't want to make it a habit and become a slave to nicotine.

    thanks guys :hello:
  2. I smoke them occasionally when im drunk. Really for no reason at all lol.
  3. ^^^Same here

    I smoke when im drinking. I dont buy packs ever but if someone im with has em and im drinkin, ill have a cig or 2.

    Just be careful, once you start buyin packs, its more likely itll become habit forming. Its not something you want to be addicted to, im assuming
  4. Exactly this. ^ lol
  5. I'm in a cruel middle point of being addicted and not. I've never smoked heavily or more then 3-4 cigs a day, and can go days without having one and not even thinking about it. However sometimes I get the worst cravings and break down and have to run and buy a pack asap.
  6. Damn the last time I got a buzz off a cig was 7 years ago.

    Buuut you can't beat smoking a red after a huge meal.
  7. I smoke tobacco a little. Recently more than before but I'm not gonna get addicted.
  8. I don't smoke all the time. But its great occasionally.
  9. im border line addicted. i can go for a week without one but i have a pack just incase i want one. most i smoke a day is like 3-4
  10. When ive been dry for a little too long...Tobbaco gives me a short buzz to cope with the missing weed :cool:
  11. i've been using tobacco numerous times daily (a can every 1-3 days, a pack every 1-2 days, I started out dipping but I quit that gross ass shit) for the past year and a half and oddly I dont really feel addicted. I mean I crave a cig during school usually but I dont freak out like a lot of my friends do. I can honestly say I could quit smoking at any time easily if I had a reason to, I just enjoy it too much. It helps me relax, and brings me up even higher after a bowl. My advice would be not to smoke because It Does really fuck up your lungs.
  12. i smoke a pack of newports a day. been doing that for 2 - 3 years. still not adicted. i smoke about 2 packs a day when im drinking. sorta goes together ya know. i could quit tomorrow if i wanted to, but i dont want to quit smoking.
  13. i have a pack of prime times still a lot in the pack that ive had for a month-ish, im not addicted to tobacco, ive smoked tobacco / weed bowls before didnt care for them so i dont do that anymore

    i do the occasional inhale, it wont get you addicted, well it hasnt for me
  14. sorry for the double post, but i read this and i have to agree with him, when im dry of bud every few days ill smoke a primetime and then it gives me that small buzz to get by dry times

  15. it happens ALOT faster then you think, and you really dont know that your addicted until you try to stop. It can sneak up on you very very fast. I wouldnt even try smoking more then once or twice if i were you, waste of money
  16. lol funny i found this thread cause ive been thinking about this lately too

    for the past week i smoked a cig a day, 2 days i had 2. i didnt have one today and have no urge to.
    when i went to summer school one whole summer i smoked 2-4 everyday, even bought a couple of packs. then stopped suddenly and didnt try one for MONTHS and months
    ive also chain smoked like 10 whilst drunk, puked as shit and had no urge to the other day.

    i dunno how people get addicted, probably buy smoking alot more. but with these little amounts i fell no urge AT ALL.

    o and when i say 1 cig a day. i light it smoke like 1/4th butt it out and do that 4 or so more times.
    no urge.

    im not gonna smoke them as often anymore. it was just like this week thing since i dont have any weed and was bored .

    the nicotine high last way to little to be worth it in my opinion. it doesnt even make me feel that good.
    but the calmness and ease of nerves is nice.

    i get chest / lung pain after smoking them though. its werid cause i dont have the feeling with MJ.

  17. ICK man get rid of those things! there probably stale as all hell!

  18. I'm right there with ya man. I'll have one before class in the morning. One after Lunch. And then one around afternoon then night. If I'm bored as shit then I'll prolly smoke more, but like others have said I can go for a couple days and be fine. But always have that back-up ready just in case.

  19. ya see what you are doing that i didnt do is...

    you are making it a habit to have it at a certain time. same time same place same feeling... you are getting used to this habbit, probably increasing your chance of addiction

  20. do that everyday, and within a couple months you'll be hooked

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