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Smoking tobacco out of bong?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Deppir, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. So...these "tobacco water pipes" are intended for tobacco use only, and I was wondering if anyone actually does this once in a while? Maybe when you're dry or something?

    I was thinking (since I don't have any weed) that maybe smoking some flavored tobacco (fruity flavors) out of a glass bong would be chill. Any thoughts about this? How do people usually smoke tobacco out of bongs? Like you would weed?

    Sorry if it's a stupid post...My mind was wandering :p:hello:
  2. i cut 1/8 inch off the end of a cig and ripped it....
    got an amazing tobacco head rush, but nearly puked:(
  3. I guess you'd smoke it the same way. That's what it's all made for. It would probably be harsh as hell though and you wouldn't really get high from it...maybe a nice tobacco buzz but that doesn't last too long.

    If you want to smoke tobacco while you're dry I recommend getting a hookah. Those are nice. the tobacco doesn't cost too much...atleast I'm pretty sure it doesn't, I don't own one myself. There's some tasty shishas out there, like blueberry. And then you don't have to leave a gross tobacco taste in your bong or anything.
  4. Thats because cig tobacco isnt meant for pipes thats why the make pipe tobacco.
  5. Tobacco from cigarettes is really nasty and strong when toked from a bong. There are certain types of tobacco made for bongs and hookahs, and that stuff in bongs or hookahs is amazing and gives you a great relaxing buzz.

  6. Hell, it's not even that, it's the fact that no matter what head shops and glass blowers say, bongs are NOT made for tobacco (except for the ones on GC ;)). Tobacco smoke is VERY harsh and nicotine can create intense feelings of nausea when consumed that quickly. If you're gonna smoke tobacco from a pipe, get a nice long gandalf and sit under a tree :smoking:.
  7. :eek:
  8. Yes, that's what I'm talking about. I currently don't have a hookah and I was wondering if someone could get the same feeling with a bong. It's fun to just chill and smoke a hookah.

    I want to smoke the tobacco for the taste and the slight buzz it gives. Does using the same flavored tobacco for a hookah work for a bong? I would love to just chill and taste from mango flavored tobacco...
  9. I'm guessing the shisha is what you put in your hookah? I think that's what I meant to say...i want to just chill and taste some nice fruits...
  10. i did not give you my roor mini to smoke tobacco out of it!!!!
  11. No one said anything about smoking tobacco out of the roor mini :hello:

    I wouldn't degrade beautiful glass like that...it will only taste the greatness of weed :D

  12. I've seen people gas mask darts.

    EDIT: Darts = cigarettes, in case the slang is regional.
  13. haha i was jk dude but damn that sucks u got no herb to chrsiten to new inline. Damn hopefully that changes soon. Stay up bro!
  14. yeah man it SUCKS....hopefully tomorrow I'll get hooked up.

    Still wondering though if anyone else does this. I wouldn't mind smoking flavored tobacco out of a bong once in a while and just relaxing.
  15. i did a tobacco bong rip (HUGE) and i fuckin passed out, it took about 2 seconds. I yelled "GRAB" nad then blacked out and then i passed out shortly after.

    then i did it again when i woke up and it was amazing, i was all tingly and shit, its like smoking a cig, but its the whole experience in one and its shorter. the buzz is overwhelming tho.
  16. What kind of tobacco was it?
  17. Well, I bought a hookah a while back. The hookah tobacco may not work in a bong because it's wet. At least the kind I bought (watermelon), it's mixed with molasses to flavor it. Look disgusting really, like a big bag of sticky gooey tobacco.

    And Hookah's use charcoal. You set a charcoal disc on top of the bowl and it burns the tobacco verrrryyyyy slowly. So I dont think hookah tobacco would work in a bong.

  18. it was cigar tobacco, from a stogie.
  19. I once let a friend talk me into taking some tobacco out of one of these old shitty cigars I had, and smoking it in the bong. I didn't necessarily enjoy it but I got a pretty extreme tobacco buzz for a couple minutes or two.
    It also tasted like ass, and killed my lungs though..

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