Smoking to often decreases appetite, bad Side effect?

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  1. Smoking at least 4 days a week for a year, then a 6 week smoking binge. 3 times a day. .7g faced min. every session and at the end of it all, my tolerance was so bad that 7 grams were finished off in 3 days. I find it sometimes nauseating to eat large amounts of food now on my T-break. All of the bud was medical about 95% of the time. I knew sleeping would be a problem, but this. :eek: I'm skinny already so its not healthy at all. What to do?:confused:
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  3. Get some dank. :p
  4. Don't think I've ever experienced this even slightly and I'm naturally skinny too. How long have you been on your T break?
  5. You may want to see your doctor you may be experiencing some sort of GI problem that the MJ was masking.
  6. ... If you're skinny (like I used to be), then munch the fuck out after every smoke sesh.

    Blazing helped me gain weight, the same way Arnold schwortsathingy used it.
  7. Its was always dank, I was on my T Break for 2 days, and if you smoke 1 once or twice a day thats still not enough meals in the day.
  8. I get this same exact problem. I can't seem to eat the same amount I used to in one sitting. And for some reason now fast food really messes with my stomach.
  9. ^^^ This Guy knows whats up
  10. You may want to think about quitting dude. Smoking more to eat more is only gonna make the problem worse over time when and if you have to quit again.

    I'm going through it now and went through it last time i quit. 3 months clean and still could barely choke down any food.

    I'm a pretty heavy user though. Smoking almost all day every day
  11. Go run a mile or two. Work yourself into starvation, then tell me sober munchies aren't real :p
  12. Get the same shit. It's just cause your body is used to the weed causing you to get hungry then when you stop your body has to adjust. Takes about a week for me to feel totally normal again.
  13. Same thing happens to me when I take t breaks I have hardly any appetite, it sucks I usually lose a few pounds
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    I know I shouldn't recommend others drink, but I guarantee you'll have a appetite or want to consume something in a drunken haze afterwards.

    I'm a really skinny guy*(think Christian Bale in the machinist) and weed has never given me the munchies. But it just hasn't affected my appetite in general personally whether I smoked it or not, that being negative or positive.

    There are a lot of causes for appetite suppression though' so I wouldn't be too quick to blame it on the weed(or lack of).

    And remember you HAVE to eat, so hungry or not eat something. If you can't stomach a lot at once eat smaller portions more frequently throughout the day and you shouldn't have to be concerned with feeling queasy/full and being unhealthy,wanting to eat, etc. Regardless of indulging in the herb.
  15. Bro I get the exact same way WHEN I smoke. I call it reverse munchies.

    I never used to be this way until recently, it's the weirdest thing but lately I've been trying to fight the nausiating feeling I get after I blaze up and I'm around food.

    The best way to make yourself eat is to excercise, what I do is ill go out and swim 5 laps in the pool and do some pullups/situps and my appetite will be back in no time
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    [quote name='"Weaselhead"']
    And remember you HAVE to eat, so hungry or not eat something. If you can't stomach a lot at once eat smaller portions more frequently throughout the day and you shouldn't have to be concerned with feeling queasy/full and being unhealthy,wanting to eat, etc. Regardless of indulging in the herb.[/quote]

    This is pretty much what im doing now. I have 5-6 small meals instead of 3 larger ones. Honestly though this is actually a lot healthier to do anyways. The only problem is eating out with family and friends. Eating less (smaller) meals makes it awkward eating out with people and not practical when it's a regularly sized meal and you can't even finish it.

    Other than that fast food seems to still mess with my stomach. It's almost like my body is telling me not to eat that garbage.

    Makes me wonder if weed is just trying to protect me because as of now it's making me eat smaller but more frequent meals (which is healthier) and I can't stomach fast food now.
  17. I have this issue when I quit. I feel hungry and I know that I need food, and I feel malaise from being hungry, but I don't want to eat. I have trouble thinking of what I want to eat. When I do get food, I find it hard to eat very much at all. It can get hard to swallow and sometimes I might even gag on it.

    It's really shitty, so I recommend not quitting cold turkey if you can. I have a MFLB so sometimes I might use that if I either can't smoke because of the smell or if I don't want to get that high, but I want to eat. The MFLB doesn't get me too high but it gives relief to the withdrawal symptoms of having no appetite.

    But, the best way is exercise. Exercising will make you hungry, and it's healthy. You can have as much of that drug as you want. And it will also help you sleep for sure.
  18. I have the same problem. I was smoking heavily for 2 years strong. I mean blunts before work, blunts after work. Bong rips all day, pipe hits all day. And i realized how skinny i was when i visited my family in a different state. I was only weighing 120 from the age 18-20 years old. I moved out of state where i had zero connections and surely was sober for awhile. I ate a lot more. I found myself bored, i wasn't going to friends houses and smoking or running around downtown and smoking with strangers or do anything related to it. I would just play video games and eat and work. My sleeping schedule was alot more fucked up while smoking. I would seriously sweat so bad. Like wake up and my shirt was soaked in sweat my sheets were soaked in sweat. After i quit smoking that quickly ended. Now im smoking again and ive lost weight. I don't get hungry, my energy is low and i take naps more frequent i feel tired. Before i could stay up until 8am off of natural energy lol. Cannabis is a interesting plant. I think its ment to be used in moderate use. Like maybe 1 hit every 3 weeks considering weed is so potent nowadays.
  19. ^^ I agree that cannabis should be used in moderation but 1 hit every 3 weeks sounds like no use at all lol. But how much do you weigh now?
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    I weighed 120 when i was heavily smoking, then quit smoking started eating meals on a regular basis. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and now im back in my old state smoking again not eating meals on a regular basis. I can imagine i lost a couple pounds from not eating and exercising like floating the river, biking, walking, skateboarding.

    I can feel a head change off one hit. But i tend to over do it and keep chasing the high all day long. I'll load bowls until i fall asleep. Trying to stay awake right now.

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