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Smoking to go to sleep

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Popo, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. since its summer i have been staying up late..around 6am and waking up at 2pm. would smoking at lets say 10pm then going to bed help me get to sleep early so i can get back on a good sleeping schedule for classes coming up. I have smoked before bed but i normally do something till i feel the buzz wear off then call it a night.. would smoking right before bed help me go to sleep even though im not tired. id assume id need a real heavy hitting indica. anyone ever try
  2. Take a couple to the dome of some crazy indica, you'll be out. :p
  3. For sure. Smoke indica-dominant strains like Kush will put you right to bed. I wouldn't do it a lot because it will fuck with your sleeping pattern and make it hard to go to sleep without smoking. Thats what happened to me anyways...
  4. yeah i used to smoke 3 times a day, and always an hour before bed..for about a week i had trouble getting to sleep without it, but i have never tried smoking and going to bed when im not that tired hahah seems like a waste of bud in most circumstances
  5. Probably not, I can see it becoming that you'll need the weed to fall asleep earlier than on your own. I'd invest into some melatonin
  6. melatonin doesnt work for me..took 20mgs one night just because and still didnt do anything
  7. Yeah, that's my favorite trick if I have trouble falling asleep. Smoke about 20 min before you plan on going to sleep, go get something to drink so you don't wake up with cotton ass mouth, then sack out. Sativa or indica, both work, indic a better however.
  8. Do it 2-3 nights running then stop smoking before bed...should do the trick! Any longer than that and the insomnia from NOT smoking may start up - but yeah, 2-3 nights and your clock will be sorted
  9. i find it a waste to smoke right before bed, smoke like an hour before so that you can go to sleep high but still enjoy most of your high

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