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smoking to calm your nerves

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by schlongface, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. I have to do a 30min presentation for college and im thinking of smoking up the night before to help with my nerves. I did it the last time i had to do a presentation and i was completely fine, didn't really get nervous at all.

    problem is I've recently taken a break from pot because it got to the point where the following day whatever i was feeling, i would feel to the extreme (eg. if i was angry i'd be really angry, if i was in a good mood id be in a really good mood etc). i'm worried that if i start getting nervous, i'd be more nervous than if i didn't smoke up.

    does anyone know if it'll help in my case? or will it just make it worse?
  2. just masturbate beforehand.
  3. Hey,

    I do the same thing to relax myself before presentations or anything I feel overly anxious about. I only do things a tad bit differently though. I smoke up the morning of the day im doing whatever is making me anxious and then I shower and go about my day. The shower should be nice and hot, and if you have eyedrops, you'll need them probably. I know people might think the shower will kill your high, but thats the point.. I like to dull it down a bit, but I like to feel it enough that it calms my nerves.

    Tends to work really well for me

    hope this helps some

  4. yeah. +rep. exactly what you should do.
  5. lol this definately works too. Id say ur best bet is to blaze then go to the shower and masturbate.
  6. i always stumble over my words when i smoke :S
  7. sounds like your a manic
  8. your problem with smoking is very similiar to my bipolar friend. Do you have any anxiety medication? xanax,valium etc. Thats what he does.
  9. na same shit happens to me sometimes but not like extremely angry but if im irritated every thing irratates me and i get pissed easy. but that hardly ever happens usually im much more chill and happier, thats why i love this plant:D

    i think youd be straight, just try not to think about it and you'll be good.
  10. Doing something to get my heart pumping helps me. Jumping jacks in particular. Silly, yes. But it works.
  11. so how did your presentation go?
  12. just be careful when you get to shit like paxil and other stuff ( I think thats the one for depression and shit) because it will react negatively with thc and other things in mj
  13. haven't done it yet, i'll keep u posted:)

    nah reading back it sounds like more of a big deal than what it really is. I just got major mood swings. i get more annoyed than angry. and whatever i was feeling wouldn't last very long before my mood would switch 180

    i started another thread about it if u can be bothered reading (which you probably cant since i'm on a stoner forum) and pretty much everyone said they go through the same thing

    sweet, thanks. problem is i drive to school and i don't like to smoke up if i'm gonna drive soon afterwards. i might roll a reaaally weak one and smoke it when i get to school
  14. Haha, I think that's actually the best solution.

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