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Smoking then drinking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I was planning on having a smoke then drinking a can of beer but I have a few questions (I have a low tolerance with weed btw)

    - Will one can of beer get me drunk after Ive smoked (like 5%)
    - Will the buzz from the beer takeover the buzz from weed
    - Will I get a whitey
  2. The large can of beer btw
  3. 1. Only if you're underage.
    2. No
    3. What does that mean?
  4. 1. What difference does that make... (Im not, how do you think I got the beer)
    2. Good :smoke:
    3. Feeling sick and puking
    4. What would it feel like
  5. I don't know anyone who gets drunk or a buzz off one beer.
  6. No you will not get drunk. Maybe a slight buzz, but marijuana has no effect on how "drunk" you will get. It will, however, make you feel more messed up overall. You wont me more drunk or more high, it's kind of a strange combination between the two. At this level you'll probably enjoy it, but if you over-do the combination it can get bad quickly.
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    [quote name='"deoxygenated"']I don't know anyone who gets drunk or a buzz off one beer.[/quote]

    annoying teenage girls.. but that may even be pushing it
  8. dude, just chill. Go have yourself a drink and smoke. One beer and weed is not going to kill you. Just goo with the flow maaaan
  9. He just answered you're question. Someone's getting defensive *hint, hint* you'll be fine dude.
  10. if you get drunk your head will spin and it will be like tripping and you will just puke because you cant handel how fucked up you are
  11. Wait so this is a bad idea?
  12. XD Im just asking why it would make a difference on the age?
  13. You won't even get a buzz off of one beer man. You'll be ok :smoking:
  14. Ive never been drunk though and only bought 1 beer :( so should I have my beer sober or high?
  15. It won't make a difference, if you think beer tastes nasty, smoke first. If not, vice versa.
  16. [quote name='"stoned42"']Ive never been drunk though and only bought 1 beer :( so should I have my beer sober or high?[/quote]

    It will be so much better high. Beer quenches cotton mouth so nice
  17. I actually heard you should smoke and then drink, I can drink beer easily when sober, I dont like the beer taste unless Im really thirsty, I plan on smoking then drinking, yh it does I know this guy who smoked some bud then had a shot of vodka and was drunk XD
  18. Get outta your dads liquor cabinet he's going to get angry

  19. Right? :smoke: I just now got your name lmao. I saw it earlier and thought "what a dumbass." but now I'm like "that's funny shit."

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