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  1. I'm certain I'm not the only person who thinks this is horrible. You have to scroll past 15 marijuana sub-forums to get to General where it clearly says, "This forum is for general conversations not related to the other forums.". It is ruining General to the point where it is painful to browse. There are at the very least 5 smoking threads on each page ranging from how to pass drug test to random high chat threads. I remember when you couldn't post a single question thread in seasoned tokers because it belonged it Apprentice and now Q&A. Wild Will was a thread closing machine. Is this too much of a hassle to enforce or has moderation given up on it? Are we still encouraged to report off-topic and duplicate threads? Anytime I point out a thread is in the wrong section I'm hated as Jr. Mod or kiss-ass but if I wanted to talk about chiefing I'd be in the appropriate section.

  2. bad day?
  3. The worst is when a thread from 2005-2009 gets bumped randomly...
  4. What are you even going on about? This is a legit problem addressed to the mods.
  5. sry just being cheeky ;)
  6. Hi Vicious :wave:
    Please report the threads / posts and we'll take care of them. :smoke: Given the number of members, and several thousand posts / threads on the forum every day, it's not possible for the moderating team to go through every single one of them.  
    We appreciate the members who show that they care about the City, and take the time to report threads posted in the wrong section, as well as posts that are against the rules.  
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    I'm all about people using the search function to contribute to existing threads but 9 times out of 10 it's bumping an old thread with nothing to contribute like just agreeing with an age old post, someone giving advise to OP who either isn't here anymore or already did what was in question, or they bump a thread that isn't on topic, like board games in the video game section. I just don't get what people think sometimes.
    Thanks again doinYoda. Has any thought ever been given to allowing Janitors? People to clean up, move, close threads but don't have full moderation power? It would take some weight off of moderators and allow for tidier forums given we had responsible competent janitors.
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    We had that for a while with the junior mods, can't remember why that was discontinued
    This place has grown too big for the amount of mods we have, that's the gist of most moderation related problems. :confused_2:
  9. I wish this was posted in the relationships section.
  10. Don't expect too much from a group of stoners. get too picky and it takes the fun out of posting.
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    That's a horrible attitude in more way than one.
    Not if you are here to have fun and relax. this is my kick back time.
  13. Sorta off-topic but I think we need a more intricate CAPTCHA [to stop the spammers]

    I haven't looked at the current one but I presume it could use some upgrading - Would' lighten the load so the mods don't have to go round' banning robots & deleting their robot posts.

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