Smoking The Weed That Falls Into Your Pipe

Discussion in 'General' started by letsmokeasweet, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. i am running low so i scraped some out of my pipe and got a nice sized bowl and it hits pretty nasty lol.  i love how all the resin crackles and sizzles  when u hit it.
    does anyone else smoke the weed in the pipe?

  2. weed or resin? I smoke both
  3. Resin gives you a good sleepy high. I just hate hittin pipes that taste like spice.
  4. I used to smoke resin when I'd be broke.
  5. both  guess. the chucks of bud and whatever the nasty shit is lined up along the inside of the pipe
    it gave me a niv=ce buzz
  6. Resin kicks in my asthma in a big way, I tried it once and that was it would rather not smoke if it came to it.
  7. I love resin, and the weed that falls into the pipe. Great to save up for when you're dry.
    I refuse to smoke resin with a lighter though, hempwick all the way. Too much butane from a lighter for how much heat you need to smoke resin. Gives me nasty headaches and gets me sick. Never with hempwick though.
  8. I always smoke resin when I'm out, still gets you high.
  9. I usually smoke both.  But I always save it for when I'm dry
  10. Resin is fucking nastry
    Gets you high as a muthafuckaa though
    yeah and you can taste the butane
  12. Bee Lasso all the way! :cool:
    I bought 2 big rolls of the stuff and a T-shirt from 'em a while back. I should get more of that amazing stuff! 

  13. what is hempwick? i gogle it but im lazy now lol
  14. Hempwicks are the way to go. So much tastier.

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    yeah depending on what type of weed I got the ground weed will drop through. Usually clean my piece(s) every couple of weeks and I'll knock on my bowl a bit with a wooden handle then tap the mouthpiece out on my desk and end up with multiple bowl packs
  16. It is hemp string coated in beeswax. Literally a Hemp Wick.
    Tastier and I also believe the flame is much cooler than a butane lighter flame.

    I like to use my Bee Lasso with a bong because then when you pull the bowl you can suck the flame in extinguishing it and sucking the ashes from the wick into your bong water. :cool:

    Oh and so I'm relevant here...

    I DO smoke the weed that falls into the bowl. But not until i've been dry for a while and I get desperate.


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