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Smoking the resin/ash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reefercakes, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if you could build up a ball of resin and smoke it. Will it work? Its gotta be bad for the lungs.
  2. It works! I've done it several times when desperate.
  3. I love smoking resin when im out. The easy way to get resin is get some isopropyl alcohol then clean the dirty piece in it. Then pore the dirty alcohol on a plate then let dry and scrape off.
  4. Dude.... It's so nasty. Resin hits are last resorts... Like seriously. It's when you been dry for a couple days and see that drought continuing for a couple more days before I starts cleaning my trash for dirty left overs. But, bad as that butt hole rot seems to usually tastes--- it will get you high. :)

    Used to do it a lot when I starting though. Harder to get bud then, but it still didn't seem as nasty.
  5. res gets you high. and its awesome. i usually get higher off it cuz theres so much bud that goes through my peices that all the res is just like a mixture of all of it. haha.

    It's really, really bad for you. IMO, it's not worth it at all. You're better off waiting until you can get some more bud and smoking that, not smoking that black, gross shit.
  7. ^- What he said. Lawls. Resin is nasty.
  8. Ive never done it just wondering if it works or not. does it hurt like the burning of the chest like the first time you smoke weed?

    thanks for the help

  9. Ya its so gross and sticky and shit not good for you but what can you do when youre dry and away from any dealers you know
  10. You go without pot.
  11. :eek:
  12. It may be a hard concept to grasp, but sometimes you need to have a dry spell.
  13. resin tastes so shitty.. if you do try it, chew some gum. the high doesnt last as long. and if you smoke too much you get a really bad headache.. save it for when your really really desperate.. shit is naasssttyyy
  14. Ya man I need a tolerence break anyways =/ Miss the lightweight days
  15. can you use nail polish remover? to clean a pipe
  16. Well it works i no that but i dont now if its smart fume wise and stuff
  17. I always looked at resin as recycling my weed. If you don't mind the smell, getting it on your fingers (it's gonna happen trust me), or the taste then go for it.
  18. Ya but you know how sticky and black it is its gotta be bad for the lungs I got a resin ball right now i mean ive smoked it before its smoke is darker hurts the lungs a lil bit for the first time just like weed the first time
  19. I agree, resin is so bad for your lungs. Its basically tar. Just wait tell you can get some bud.
  20. Alright thanks for the help guys

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