smoking the leafs?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by andi, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Hello. I know you can smoke the leaf itself, my step dad grows it. and sometimes i steal a little :devious: horrible me. i know but :smoking::D

    anyway.- hes been smoking the leafs- had a big paper bag of them..... then crushed it up and had it in a bag.
    i took some. smoked it. it gets you high but not as high- and it takes alot and the highness doesn't stay.
    why would he want to smoke it? or anyone? maybe he mixes it with something?
    whatchya guys thinK?:confused:
  2. maybe he's nervous about tossing it out?

    if you smoke trichome covored leafs they get you fucked up, i did that on my last grow, the really sticky ones with trichs all over, those are awsome :)
  3. lick ur leaf
    stick it to a rolling paper
    put the buds in
    roll it up=
    afterskool special:hello:
  4. you can smoke the top leafs, near the buds, other than that, i wouldn't bother.

    though if you want to, you could give them to noobs for free
  5. haha thanks guys <3
  6. Tell your step dad to take that fat bag of leaves and make some hash.

  7. yeaaahh make some nice hash with all the leaves
  8. If you want to know why your stepdad smokes leaves, have you thought about asking him?

    People usually smoke leaves because they don't have anything else to smoke. Same reason some people smoke resin.

    And have you thought about not stealing? Bad karma, not a joke and no smiley faces.
  9. No offence. but it sounds like ur step dad isnt too smart
  10. sounds like your stepdad might be making hash, id say leave them alone
  11. if you grow right then the smaller (not the giant fan leaves) leaves will get you ripped, that's thc on them. you can make hash or food with them also.
  12. he was probably making hash and you stole some of his material....

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