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Smoking Technique

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Weird, May 10, 2011.

  1. So I was sittin here smoking a bowl by myself and I wondered how other stoners smoke their bowls when they're chillin.

    Me? I pack medium sized bowls of decent dank. I have a small collection of 18.8 mm bowls, and a small collection of pieces with a 18.8 mm joint. I pack two or three of the bowls, pick a piece, go to the couch and turn on Netflix.

    When I smoke the bowls I hold the lighter up to the edge of the bowl so as to not let the flame scorch everything green on top. I try to light up about 1/5 to 1/6 of the green and breath in quick and hard so as to completely burn what I torched, but also not to let it burn long enough to torch anything else. If I do this properly (Which I often don't), each of my medium sized bowls have around 5 or 6 hits, all good hits with some green, and there is very little left over.

    I do this over the duration of, anywhere from a few to several, TV shows or movies depending on how much time I have. I just got done watching Scrubs. I got the complete collection (Seasons 1 - 9) this past christmas and have been slowly watching them ever since. I just finished it a few days ago (Season 9 sucked ass, but the rest was very enjoyable).

    So what does everyone do? What is your technique when you smoke? Do you do one hitters? Just pack one huge bowl? Hit up a gravity bong?

    ***disclaimer, I wrote this while very high, hopefully it came out alright.

  2. I love to crack on Cypress Hill, pack my vapbong, toke on that until it's all gone, and turn up the music.
    Once the initial, 'Im so high,' has gone, the metal gets put on haha
  3. I think the word you're looking for is "ritual."

    normally if I'm smoking solo I put on my bose headphones and just toke it up and listen to music or chill on facebook
  4. If I'm alone at home, my ritual before I go to sleep is to open my bedroom window (on the main floor) and crank my music, smoke a pinner on my porch with small deep hits, dump the ash in the garden (apparently it's good for plants)

    Go inside, turn music down, sleep.
  5. i just pack bowls and smoke them between cod games... i only hit half the bowl its more efficient.
  6. hhaha I can't play cod high I get distracted by the seanery and think that I'm in a movie
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    i pack .5 snappers out of this bad boy
    EDIT: pic wasnt showing up at first
  8. Pack a medium sized bowl and rip it all in one toke, then hold than in for a good 7ish seconds. I usually hold it in so that when I blow out, I'm exhaling significantly less smoke. It's probably worse for me, but it does the trick and allows me to absorb all the THC I can.
  9. My ritual Mon to Fri after work. Get home and go get my stash. Roll a joint for later and use the leftovers in my bong. My bong also holds about 6 to 8 hits. Put on my PS3 and a huge mug of OJ and just hit the bong and jam whatever is in my ps3 that day.

    Then my girl gets home, we smoke the joint and a a few bongs and then just chill for the night. Weekends just stone every 2 hours or so. Stoned pretty much all the time on Saturdays and sundays.

    The way OP describes lighting th bong. I also put the flame on my bowl only enough for one hit. I don't like making a cherry on my bong, I like to controll how the weed burns in the bowl.
  10. for the lighting technique i use humbolt hemp wick, and it works great. I just use it as a glass rod almost, prodding inside the bowl with it. I've never noticed a taste difference when the fallen ash gets in
  11. i like to climb inside dumpsters and hot box in there,i hold my breath in for 30 seconds or until my ears start ringing; also the fumes from all the rotting garbage gets me really high
  12. I like to hotbox my smart car
  13. I love to smoke indoors whenever possible. Smoking outside is okay but even when I'm in my own backyard I always have a bit of paranoia lurking over me. I only smoke blunts so my smoking sessions are usually pretty long which only adds to the paranoia LOL.

    If I could have it my way I would just listen to some music while burning a blunt of some good kush. TV distracts me from enjoying the smoke. Weird little things like watching the blunt slowly burn and get shorter and shorter are why I love smoking them so much. I also love the sound of the cigar burning (like the drops at the beginning of rap songs, particularly Lil Wayne where you hear the lighter spark up a blunt and the sizzle of the wrap and bud as it burns) and also watching the ash turn white, love it love it love it.

    I just started smoking again sunday night after being 5 months clean searching for a job. I ended up not even getting a job that I needed to take a piss test for but it was rewarding to prove to myself that I could stop smoking weed for an extended period of time and I also have rediscovered things that I stopped doing after high school (lifting weights, playing video games, and socializing with friends more often) so all in all it was a great T-break but I'm ready to start burning as often as possible (though weed has become a lesser priority than it use to be)
  14. I like to post up in my ride ever night after work and blaze up...hit up the same quiktrip and get a pack of white owls lol the dumb bitch always asks for my I.d....I'm like "bitch I'm up here every night, are you dumb?" But shit I roll up two fat monster blunts and load a bowl to smoke after the blunts are gone..sometimes I get stupid blazed and forget I had a fully packed bowl waiting for me :) best feeling ever! Then I just cruise around bumping music it go hang out...
  15. Most days I'll get off work and smoke until I can barely even keep my eyes open, play some video games and eat some food. If I'm lucky and I remember, I then go to my second job. Smoking a bowl or two before I head out the door. If its just some mids, I'll usually smoke a medium size bowl in a hit or two, some nice bud, large bowl, small sections until its gone.
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    that's juat gross man.
  17. I'm a joint man, tobacco and weed usually and roughly 60/40. Long and thin.

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