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Smoking tea?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kyo9916, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. As someone who doesn't smoke for the nicotine and wants something less heavy than weed but loves the calming sensation of smoking, would smoking leaf tea be a good alternative? I've done some research and found out that smoking tea is very relaxing which is why I want to smoke it from my pipe but how would I go about this and is it worth the hassle?
  2. I think that's a terrible idea smoking tea I'm not too sure it has any benefits of it over smoking weed cause you aren't gonna find anything that has the calming and relaxation that weed has but if you wanna try it go ahead and see how it is
  3. Youll get better effects if you drink it.
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  4. I also think this will be terrible smoking tea.
  5. Uhh, I wouldn't recommend it to be honest. When I was 16, before I got a job I'd cut bud with tea and hit my bong. Tasted bad af. Just take a few hits of bud and be done with it if you're not looking for anything crazy.

    I don't know the health risks of smoking tea, which is why I'm currently not condoning it. If you find research that provides the answer you desire, then you're free to do whatever.
  6. Umm don't smoke tea kids...

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  7. Ok, so here's the deal junior. That 'calming sensation of smoking' you enjoy? That comes from THE NICOTINE. So, while you don't believe you are smoking for nicotine, you are pretty much smoking it for the nicotine.

    Don't smoke tea. Don't be that ahole.
  8. No dont do it its horrible

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  9. Ummm, this is a weed forum op.

  10. One small toke from a 10$ glass spoon will get you relaxed enough without getting to high and you'll be able to relax
  11. Please no jokes, I was young, but the tea idea, I am not so sure you should. That is my feeling. Once, just once, don't ask me why but a few my friends and I, when I was young, smoked some kind of parsley, I am almost embarrassed, but we did, and got a horrible headache. We were all out, thought it sounded like a good idea but wasn't. So, it might give you a massive headache, and it will not go away with aspirin. LOL just my thought on your thought....:eek: PS we did not research it...
  12. Ok, so not quite sure what this is doing on a mj forum, however I happen to have some insight. I don't know about finding loose leaf tea to smoke, however my best friend used Billy 55 green tea cigarettes (she gets them on amazon) to quit smoking cigs. They taste pretty good and come in both regular and menthol. I've never smoked cigarettes (I do on occasion share one of the green tea cigs with my friend), but I have been told by a few people that are heavy smokers and used this method to quit that the menthols work better for that purpose. Something about the kick from the menthol being similar to the kick of the nicotine. Hope this helps. Also, maybe just don't smoke as much weed so you don't feel as heavy? I dunno. You definitely won't get the same health benefits as bud, but different research in Asia claims it's suppose to be good for you.

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