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smoking tea?wtf!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jackhererwasright, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. so i love drinking tea a whole bunch!!!! and one of my friends told me if i like it so much why dont i just shmoke it?!! lmao so i told him id entertain the thought u gc peoples. its an herb aint it? would it taste goood?:p
  2. Well, them be pretty much herbal cigarettes... safer then tobacco, but then again you get nothing from them, except deprivation of oxygen
  3. Im sure it would be very nasty and harsh.
  4. that would be gross, Just get weed
  5. i did it once when i was younger, just because it sounded like a cool idea to try....

    dont do it.
    i promise you that you arent missing anything.
  6. i done it. dosent do anything but burn your lungs.
  7. I smoked it once in a pipe and another time through a waterfall. both times it was straight up green tea. both times it was very hard to smoke (very harsh). i got somewhat dizzy, somewhat blurry vision, a really energetic/jumpy 10 minutes, and a huge splitting headache for the rest of the day.
  8. Since people have obviously tried it and it's completely worthless I see no point. However, someone had to discover the consumption of weed was useful at some point. Maybe try exploring the consumption of a plant that people haven't already tried?
  9. alrighty then lol ill stick to drinking it then!
  10. ever try kava? its like a drink that taste really gingery and you can find it at vitamin shops its like a tea for "stress release" if you just use like half the box it will make you feel kinda like your drunk. maybe that would do something if smoked?
  11. lol, my friend did that when we were a bit younger, he thought it was cool, turns out its sucks, tastes like eating paper with ash on it =thats for green tea :p

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