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Smoking Success?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheDopestGhost, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Ever feel really accomplished after a sneaky blaze sesh?
    Pretty much patting yourself on the back for pulling that one through?
    When/Why/How was your sneakiest sesh?
  2. I think my favorite was hotboxing my car in front of the United Center after a Blackhawks game last winter. The car was covered with snow when the game ended, so me and my buddy blazed before clearing all of it off.

    Not the smartest idea, but it was fun as hell.
  3. ah man thinking right now Ive smoked on top of a church roof down the road from me thats always fun. ive smoked inside a abandoned mill thats huge go all threw it shits trippy. so many great smoke spots in side. to blazed to think of anywhere else but me n my ***** always blaze in the craziest of places:smoke:
  4. i always pat my self on the back, its a self-esteem booster :hide::hide::hide::hide::hide::hide::hide:
  5. No I don't feel accomplished after smoking. I usually smoke in my car and I'll just duck my head and take a rip.
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    if i drive to school ill smoke out the whip fur sure but my car is gettin fixed so i gotta ride the fuckin city bus 2 hrs to get to class(i live 30 mins away in a car takes a transfer and 2hrs on the bus) so most of the time i get hella faded before i leave the house. but once i get to the station its right next to like the city hall or something so if i have too i will be duckin tryna take a snap next to this buildin. its dumb as fuck really but do what ya gotta. then after my first class i smoke a bowl in front of my homeys apart. arcoss from the campus. then after my next class i just ride back to the house to smoke the bong. this is an every weekday occurence of stealthy hits

    for the dumbasses who will be like you ride the bus to go to school. im 21 and in college so dont write no shit about bein 18 shits annoying.
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