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Smoking style

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bernaskyburner, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. I've smoked with alot of different groups from diff regions and everything from paper and wrap preference to pieces and how they're used seems to vary quite a bit. So I was interested in hearing about how everyone else does the dew. Personally, a typical smoke is usually going through water (but we keep our full range of options out and available i.e. papers, pipes, bubblers, bongs...etc). My smoking circle is typically 1-3 people and we/I sit on the deck since I live in a small apt. with an infant. (I'm not saying weed is bad, I'm saying any kind of second hand smoke isn't friendly to little lungs) A hit is a one person affair, with the exception of the chillum from time to time for convenience, like if you're driving. Smokeage goes from 1-2 bowls typically unless we each just load up however much we want in our own piece and just enjoy each others company. I've heard of people that will have one person milk up a bong then another clears it, and some other interesting rituals.
    *sidenote- my smoking cirle is pretty fixed so my weed is community with my brother and his fiance. It's pretty unproblematic because i think we're all pretty reasonable about it, but I've been scoffed at. thoughts?

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