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Smoking stems?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Webefoolish, May 14, 2010.

  1. Ok i was always told that stems have barely any thc in them and smoking/extracting thc out of them will do barely anything and is not advised. But yesterday i didnt have any bud and wanted to smoke, so after a few hours i decided to try smoking a bowl of my stems. At first i packed one hit and took it. It seemed harsher then bud but w.e. So i packed another big bowl and took a bunch of hits. By the time i put the tube away i was about 5x as high as i thought id get. Has anyone else ever gotten high on stems either orally or by smoking them or am i just insane.
  2. i have too but it didnt laast long and i had a headache after
  3. stems have trichromes on them so yes u can get high off them
  4. i dont get it.. hahaha
  5. :D:smoking:that's funny i read this..because this morning i wanted to wake n bake but i was out of green..but i remembered i saved this huge stem one time that came off of a huge nug..i ground it up and put it in my bong....long story short it got me super headache or anything weird..just a good ole high :D
  6. Ew. no. Lol.
  7. love how this is in the "seasoned tokers"
  8. Harsh smoke, smalllllll high, n a nice headache after. Never again will I be that desperate to get high haha
  9. Another beautiful example of the differing effects on users of marijuana...:p
  10. I've smoked my stems on more than a couple occasions.
    Really weak high for a lot and it doesn't last long at all.
    But I've never had problems with headaches. :]
  11. no, never. don't think i'd want to, either.
  12. I usually place stem(s) at the very bottom of bowl to cover up the hole if im conserving, than no bud is wasted.
    And also when I am near out, I pack more stems into it vs. how much bud i have and stems very give me a problem with headaches, just a nice high from the thc;D
    thc is yur friend. smoke it.
  13. i ground up all my stems and smoked them once
    but it tasted terrible and i didnt get as high for as long
  14. I've smoked stems here and there when I was out of the good green stuff.
    I've gotten high from it, although it's a very mild high, usually with a nice little headache to finish things off. High only lasted a half hour maybe.
  15. I definately don't want to smoke them...eww! Nah I'm makin hash, I'm stell collectin I'v about 5 grams now, this Sour Grape I got now has sticks covered in trichs
  16. ewww never lol, smoke buds only, and if your out smoke a nice kief bowl :D i love kief bowls, its like a well deserved free high after spending so much money on bud

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