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Smoking stems

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Jennifer19, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. Any ever smoked stems I did and its not that bad
  2. no, but I made a little pipe out of a stem.
  3. smoking stems isn't bad or anything its just not good... the reason weed lowers your sprem counts cause of the estrogen in the plant.. and there is the most estrogen in the stems... so when you smoke the stems and seeds you get the most of the estrogen and lose your sperm :eek:
  4. I cough up a lung if i get any stems in my bowl pack/joint....
  5. It's a bit harsher smoke but it's all good.
  6. does anyone know what the actual THC percentage in stems?
  7. i'd guess little to none... unless it was some incredible bud
  8. there is some thc in stems, not that much, i have smoked them before but i dont recamend it unless your absolutely need to... i did get high but it took a lot! i dont think i will again.. its just not worth it
  9. i smoke my stems all the time and have had nothing bad happen. the way i see it, if there is THC in them, even if there is not much in some, why not smoke it. i guess its just a matter of opinion

  10. I'm pretty sure it doesn't lower sperm count. Maybe *shrugs* lol


  11. Stems do hurt to smoke but it hurts more not to get high.
    Don't believe myths about the sperm stuff everyone has a diiferent oppinion but no difinitive studies have concluded either way. If smokin causes low sperm? Why all the kids born to hippies? Ray Dawn Chong for instance. Wilson Philips, ect....

  12. you really think JENNIFER19 really cares about losing SPERM?

  13. LMAO! thanks for pointing that out, lol, that made my day.
  14. dont bother putting more carcinogen in your lungs than you already get with weed itself.
  15. shes a girl do you think she cares about lowered sperm count...
  16. oo hey look at who it is. hi jennifer. i dunno if you remember me but i used to post on hipforums before i found grasscity quite a while ago. (i still go to hipforums when i'm bored to death) but yeah, hi jennifer.

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