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Smoking stems/beans?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by God's Son, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. What would happen? I heard theres THC in stems, so can you smoke them?

    And i also heard that smoking seeds shrinks your nuts.
  2. I try not to smoke stems but seriously, I don't really think it matters, They probably don't get you as high as buds.. I usually chew on stems cause thats kinda fun and sometimes you just chop em up you know, smoke em.. I take em out cause they always end up rippin my paper or somethin... also you can make stem tea with em and you get pretty baked but you need a fuck load... You like, put them in a coffee maker and drink away... Tastes like shit though :D
  3. they dont have a lot of thc in them so its not really worth it. chew em they taste real good
  4. Stems and stones don't really get me high. It's more like a dizzy headake.:D
  5. I've never actually tried smoking a pure stem joint though !?! hmm, I wonder
  6. naw ... steams are a waste ... just save them up ... and make oil from them ...
  7. i always smoke my stems i dont really care. im too fucking lazy to sort it all out. but seeds tend to taste nasty and i save them up any way becasue im gonna grow my own pot. i cant wait!
  8. smoking the stems is just about the most unhealthy thing you could do with cannabis, and the levels of THC in the stems of even the most potent bud, will be less than that of industrial hemp... probably.

    If you really really need to get the thc outta them, start saving every stem you find for ages and ages and stick em in a bottle of Vodka. the alcohol will get all that thc out (after time) and you'll have some real nice tasting booze to guzzle on someday.

    smokin em ... it just aint worth it. Do you know what tar is?
  9. digit..more often than never, kinda knows what he might be talkin about
  10. Smoke the bud, collect the stems, when you have a large amount of stems, make hash! Hell a little hash is better than no hash ^_^
  11. You supposed to get out every little stem? Even the small, thin ones attached to the buds?

    If i get a nug i usually just check it for beans, and if its clean i pack. I only remove the really big stems...
  12. I smoke the small flexible stems(they taste like bud), I keep the nasty big ones though.
  13. i save the twigs..keep a lil bud around them near the main stalk or whatever...but thats only when im rollin j's..when im smokin bowls..fuck it..its all gettin burned.
  14. Some stems don't taste as bad when smoked I suppose, but the stems that I've smoked are all horrible in taste, so I decided to turn them into something more pleasurable.

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