Smoking stain teeth?

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  1. i started bleaching my teeth recently to get them to stay whiter, along with brushing and flossing obviously, but im wondering if i should go easy on the smoking while i try and get em and keep them whiter? i know smoking cigarettes stains your teeth and makes them yellow so i wasnt sure. i usually smoke everyday but can easily do once a week or less i just want to know if i need to
  2. I'm not sure, but if you really want to be cautious you could switch to edibles and/or vape
  3. yea i was about to ask if vaping my mflb would be ok

    also, i dont smoke cigs
  4. is it really worth worrying about.....i think the effects will be minimal and healthy teeth are more important than white teeth.....although this is from an english person so make of it what you will
  5. Honestly I think they won'y stain your teeth and if you still think it could then just vape or eat edibles
  6. Vape. Or use pipes.. edibles.

    It shouldn't stain your teeth that much. Just keep blushing and flossing. Id use a whitening toothpaste too. Maybe one with baking soda? If you're bleaching your teeth yourself stop. You're stripping the enamel off your teeth. If you go to the dentist they'll give you flouride after they bleach your teeth so that way you're not just losing enamel.

  7. it was at the dentist so yeah they used fluoride, and im just vaping now for the time being, at least in the 24 hrs afterwards
  8. I think it's a social norm that stoners may not have the whitest choppers.
  9. man mine i are so much whiter now im stoked
  10. It's not hard to keep your teeth white even if you smoke bongs all day every day, just brush in the morning and at night.

  11. oh true? but why do cig smokers have such yellow disgusting fuckin teeth then
  12. You can get fuckin mad resin tooth from certain ways of smoking but if you vape you will be sweet

    I think the reason cig smokers teeth go yellow is cause of the tar and nicotine, But i smoke cigs and my teeth are pretty white cause i actually look after my teeth.
  13. [quote name='"HighTimesRy"']

    oh true? but why do cig smokers have such yellow disgusting fuckin teeth then[/quote]

    Cigs Are a different story, they yellow your teeth a lot faster, but it's all about hygiene bro, if you're hygienic then you shouldn't have a problem.
  14. Hit your pipe, then blow hit through tissue. Observe the color it turns. So yeah itll stain your teeth, but if you brush regularly and rinse your mouth and/or eat after smoking, it should barely be noticeable
  15. right now im just vaping, not smokin for a bit
  16. [quote name='"HighTimesRy"']right now im just vaping, not smokin for a bit[/quote]

    Just vape all the time haha it's not as bad for you and still gets you high as fuck.

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