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Smoking spliffs in public -- good idea?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokerNJ, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Alright so I've been wondering if this would work. I have a rolling machine, and I was thinking about picking up some pouch tobacco and urban wraps (the kind that look like cigarettes with the orange end) and making spliffs that look like cigarettes for public consumption. Would it be easy to get away with this or would people still be able to tell it's weed?

  2. It would still smell like weed, but I live in NY nd I smoke in public all the time. You'll find no one really cares except law enforcement. Just be vigilant.
  3. I'm probably not the best person to ask since I live in the state of Washington so I don't put much thought into that anymore but before it was legal I just tried to avoid public consumption (which is still against state law with a $100 fine, but not enforced). It really depends on how much tobacco you have how much it looks like a normal cigarette ( even with an orange filter looking end it still isn't perfectly made like a real cigarette) and how smelly the weed is. If tons of people are around someone will probably know
  4. Not a good idea. Unless you literally put the tiniest pinch of weed mixed with a lot of tobacco, people will still smell it. Depending on the area and how strict people are there would be how I made my mind up if I was gonna smoke in public.
  5. No unless,you use atmos wax pen, i swear i was buying groceries vaping it at times. it smells for a minute, and smells different :metal:
  6. Burning weed smells like burning weed, no matter what else you burn along with it. I worked at a place a few years ago where a guy tried this, thinking it would work. He went out to the smoking area, lit up, and pretty much everyone looked at him and was like, WTF? He got fired that day for being a dumb bitch, deservedly.
  7. I'd say it entirely depends upon where in public you want to smoke it. I mean I wouldn't advise lighting one up in the middle of a town square or anything, but walking along the street as long as there aren't too many people around you should be fine. I mean I doubt a random passer by is going to report you to the police for smoking a J.
  8. im not trying to brag but i smoke spliffs that look like spliffs in public all the time, I mean, i wouldn't smoke in a really crowded area but walking down the street with a few pedestrians is fine, at least where i am. no ones gonna call the feds on someone smoking a joint. the police wouldn't even bother chasing it up
  9. Discretion.  Don't smoke where people can smell it but I personally travelled a lot in the past year and would drive and smoke joints rolled in the roller.  Never worried about it because joints from a roller look exactly like a cig.  But the smell is the only thing you might have to worry about.  If you don't care, then that's just a risk you're going to have to take just don't get mad if you get caught.  I ALWAYS smoke in private.  I'm done with the 'hey look at me i smoke weed' stage.
  10. It's not the "look" you have to worry about it's the smell.

    I mean I've walk down ocean ave in Santa Monica California when there was a college bowl game smoking a blunt and there were hella people walking and didn't get busted.

    Just find a chill spot around you honestly. Because like I said it's the smell that people will capture and bud is a strong smell.

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  11. If you get a dugout (one hitter disguised as a cigarette that also comes with a stash area for your bud) it's very discreet. You take out the one hitter, and put it in the side with the bud, press down and twist it around and it fills it perfectly. Then light it as if you're lighting a cigarette
  12. it definetely depends on where you live.  You wouldn't be able to get away with it in Idaho unless you're at the disc golf course, but you could do it just about anywhere in WA, CO, CA.  I used to smoke spliffs on the college campus in Portland, OR  never once turned a head.
  13. if you mean walking down a busy street just dont bother... whats the point?

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