Smoking "Soapbar" through a Oil Rig?

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  1. So, me and my friends were getting smoking some of the finest Cheddar the other day and we were hot knifing some soapbar (for the lucky ones who can get good quality hash and have no idea what soapbar is, look it up - it's disgusting :sad:) but we came up with the idea of chipping in on a Nail and smoking a half hash, half car tire through it.. Would this work?

    Before anybody tells me to just buy some dabs, the cheapest i've heard them go is £50 a g (also very hard to come by, so hard i'd have to drive 2 hours down the motorway to get some).
    Also, if i want hash soapbar's the only option because England sucks. (unless i press some kief, which i do from time to time)
  2. Unless it's extremly high quality ice water bubble hash then it wont melt when you dab it on a nail. You will be wasting your shitty hash.
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  3. Shame, guess i best get making some of my own then
  4. You can always rosin the hash. Just have to use a coffe filter as the screen.
  5. dont smoke soapbar.
  6. Only smoke it a few days of the mont and I don't mind it, i know it's bad stuff but A) Only hash i can get, unless i press some B) It's good for when you're skint
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  7. good for when your skint yes but i used to smoke it but stopped because of all the pish in it, not healthy at all.
  8. It is pretty unhealthy, car tires and stuff aren't good for the lungs.
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  9. all sorts of pish in it, plastic and engine oil aswell
  10. Wow that shit sounds bad. No buzz could be worth smoking tires and petroleum oil. Just buy a set of bubble bags and become the Hashish guru you know you can be.
  11. Wish i could but i'm stuck with a shittty shop job that pays £3.87/hr, i'm lucky if i can afford a Quarter at the end of the week :(
  12. Look around on Amazon. They have inexpensive 5 bag sets. My set cost about the same as a quarter. I wouldn't mix in them though. Just pour through them.

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  13. It's more the cost of weed i was concerned about ahaha

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