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Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. hey guys i did a search and came up empty handed. ive herd people latley talk about smoking shrooms. i though i remeber reading once on here that heat kills psychocilibn... sorry im wicked high and buzzed right now.. sorry if none of this makes sense...

    so basicly im asking... say it takes 3.5 grams to trip normally... would you need that much to smoke too? i wannatry this since my frineds saythe trip hitsd you much faster and lasts only bout 2-3 hours vs. dropping them 4-5 hours
  2. a complete waste of money. just stick to the old skool way
  3. Completely waste! just eat it or put it in tea mate. it wont get u fucked if u smoke it
  4. i've tried it and it didn't work for me..
  5. Tried it, did nothing, and was absolutely disgusting to smoke, tasted like strong piss vapor.
  6. DONT DO it like the other guys said it is a complete waste, the active componets that get you fried are destroyed when they come into contact with heat...
  7. really? i had a small effect...i mean its still a waste but im suprised NO one was affected.
  8. yea, if you look this up at it will explain scientificly (sp) why that won't work. psilocybin (the stuff that makes you trip) is destroyed by the amount of heat required to smoke it. so yea, it would be a waste.
  9. Smoking pyscolbin shrooms is pointless. Probably if you heard about it it was referring to amanita mushrooms, which are smokeable. Theyre a totally different drug though, so the answer is no, you cant smoke shrooms.
  10. even if you did.
    that shit would be so nasty
  11. There's a rumor around my school smoking shrooms will make you blind. Not true, but the point is made.
  12. psyclocin is destroyed by heat. psyclocybin can take some punishment
  13. ok all you supper is it you can boil them and trip your ass off if the heat destroys the drug?boiling water is arround 200 degrees right?

    and i wouldent recomend smoking them if you are paying for them but when they are as free as going out to pick them you can do what ever you want strongest trip ...boiled fresh ...

    next eaten dry...

    and i have smoked alot of shrooms...and it does not do nearly the same thing as the other methods but if you smoke enuff will get a buzzz....

    regardless of who says what works ...from personal expeereance....but like i said it is not so great ..and i would never do it if i was paying ...we only ever did it whjen we had so many we dident know what to do whit them ...and would smoke some with some weed alot....
  14. i definitely concur.
  15. flame is alot hotter than 212(water boiling point). thats how.
  16. I smoked shrooms once, i didnt really get high, i reccommend just eating them..maybe put them on a pizza, i did that and it tasted pretty good..

    But i have a question, people say if shroom smoke gets in your eyes, its possible to go blind, anyone know any facts?
  17. someone said the same thing at our school last weke he said did you know you can smoke shrooms i said no way you cant you dont feel any effects he still tried to prove me wrong
  18. I wouldn't think smoking shrooms is a good idea. I've never done it though, still some things shoudn't be smoked. You can smoke extacy too but that doesn't mean its a good idea.

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