Smoking Shrooms?

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  1. Can you? does it have any effect?

    I have a bunch of shake and was told to smoke some in a bowl last night but I passed and ate like a half bag of shake to test them.... they're real bahaha

    does smoking it do anythin?

    Im guessing it tastes like shit, is un-healthy, and only placebo.
  2. its very unhealthy the spores well stick to your lungs and grow tiny mushys and you can stop breathing
  3. QFT

    the mushrooms will actually grow so well out of your lung tissue that when you die from suffocation your body will grow mushrooms non-stop for 3 years straight
  4. hahaha we were talking about how the shrooms got stuck in our teeth and how it'd be cool if you could grow shrooms in your mouth lmao... we were fucked up.:smoking:
  5. maYbe I could convince someone to smoke some so I could harvest that shit for 3 years....;)
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    okay well since you arent a complete retard(i prolly coulda got someone on here with that, especially if ppl kept it going)
    ill answer your question

    no, you can not, psilocin/psilocybin dies when exposed to too much heat(over 170 F?) not sure, but a flame would definitely kill it

    if you only have alittle bit
    try lemon tek

  7. I got plenty... I think my friend just wanted to attempt to catch a buzz for free..

    I'd rather just eat them!!
  8. According to erowid, there's anecdotal evidence for both sides, some say it works, some don't.

    there reAlly isn't a whole lot of evdence to back up either side, of wether smoking shrooms produces psychoactive effects.

    Try it if you want to, I haven't yet, as shrooms arena rarity near me, but if/when I start harvesting my own, I'm damn well gonna try it!
  9. Don't do it. Heat kills the psychoactive spores in the mushrooms. That's why people say to put shrooms in the freezer and they will stay good forever, because they aren't being subjected to heat.
  10. ...tastes like shit and is super me.

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