smoking sesh [Vid]

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - Stoner Media: First Sesh[/ame]

    just a sesh by myelf with my Bowl Lucky, really enjoyed editing this. When I get my bong if I have good feedback I will make another one and start making more stoner-related videos

    If you guys enjoy this type of thing I have plenty of pics and updates throughout the day on Twitter
  2. nice. i was thinking about doing this at my friends house when theres usually like 5 people there.
  3. eh...watching someone hit a bowl is pretttty boring homie
    the only one having fun is u haha
  4. If you send the video to I will edit it and make a vid for you and for YouTube
  5. yea, I know it was kind of a way to kick start the whole project of Stoner Media. Hopefully most of it will be user submitted video and picture
  6. love the length of the video
  7. haha yea man, I didnt notice that till today hahaha
  8. Dude, me, Brad, and Joe just watched like half of this video...

    This video explains your personality perfectly lmfao you got the iPhone advertising in and managed to slaughter some smoke tricks lol

    I'm just givin' you a hard time lol nice editing

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    yea man, decided since we never hang out anymore I might as well start the project on my own... this first vid was just kind of a test run, it's really gaining popularity on YouTube and Twitter so hopefully it will grow.

    and to answer your question on the other thread, my $0.02 is that since this is an online weed community where people come from all over America and parts of the world to discuss cannabis, I didnt figure it mattered how good your bud was. I dont go around saying I have the best bud but in our area (you know, you only live a mile away) really good bud only comes around once in a while. Figured I'd just post what I had.

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